Budget Storage Solutions for a Two-Story Home

Use the Stairs to Your Advantage

A two-story house might seem to have lots of space for storing necessities, especially if it offers plenty of square footage. However, it might offer less storage space than a much smaller house. It presents a few possibilities that ranch-style do not have. The staircase that leads from one floor to the next can be part of the solution. Best of all, you do not have to spring for professional closet organizers or costly remodeling. Use these budget storage solutions for a multilevel dwelling, and find room for everything from odds and ends to holiday decorations.

Add Stylish Stair Baskets to Avoid Clutter

Stair baskets are not made for flat surfaces. On the contrary, they are designed especially for stairs and cannot be used in other locations. The right angle on the bottom fits perfectly and securely over a step. Buy at least one stair basket to help cut down on clutter in your two-story home. They are ideal for holding items that belong on the upper level. Odds and ends can be taken up in the baskets. Not only are they practical, but they are also unique and stylish. People who love baskets will wish that they had a two-story home since they would be able to use that particular type of basketry.

Make Use of a Spacious Landing

If you have a spacious landing in your two-story home, take advantage of it. Use it to hold a freestanding shelf unit of the appropriate size. Add woven baskets for storing small items of your choice. Leave some of the shelving empty, and use the open areas to store books, magazines and photo albums. It will solve some of your storage problems while adding dimension and design to the space.

Store Seldom Used Items in the Space under the Stairs

If the open space beneath the stairs can be accessed, put the extra square footage to good use. Add basic shelves that can be used to store everything from canned goods to craft supplies. They do not have to be fancy, but they should be sturdy and adjustable. Select melamine boards, metal tracks and brackets. You will be able to adjust the height as your storage needs change.


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