Butterfly Wall Art Ideas for a Living Room

Unique Dimensional Options for Butterfly Decor

Butterfly decor does not have to be limited to a bathroom or a girl’s bedroom. It is a subject that can look just as phenomenal in a living room. It can be paired with tree branch designs, flowers and more. Do not settle for a simple painting or another common option from a discount department store. Consider these butterfly wall art ideas for decorating the space with unique works of wall art, and create a stylish display that will look worthy of a page in a home decor magazine.

Attach a Grouping of Paper Butterflies to a Bare Wall

A large flock of butterflies looks stunning on a bare living room wall, but you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on metal wall sculptures to create a gorgeous display. Buy heavy paper cutouts that can be folded and applied to walls and other surfaces. Consider black, white or another solid hue that will look like shadows or silhouettes on a bare wall. Attach them in a free-flowing pattern using tiny pieces of rolled masking tape orbits of poster putty. The results will be nothing short of stunning.

Apply Silhouetted or Mirrored Decals

Butterfly wall art does not have to be three dimensional to look fabulous. Consider using mirrored decals when decorating your living room. Buy a package that includes at least a dozen butterfly decals. Arrange them around the corner of a window, a doorway or on a bare wall where they will catch and reflect natural or artificial light. They will look amazing.

Create Dimensional Framed Paper or Fabric Wall Art

Detailed paper or fabric butterflies in a variety of species can be used to create a magnificent work of wall art for a living room. Buy realistic paper or fabric butterflies, and attach them to a painted stretched canvas using E6000 adhesive or a similar product. A black, white or sky-blue background are excellent choices. In any case, it should enhance its magnificent colors and designs. Use the photo as a guide while creating the arrangement, and make them appear as if they are being viewed from below. The canvas can be framed or unframed. Either way, your work of living room wall art can look as impressive as the design.



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