Caladiums: Care and Growing Guide

How to Grow Caladiums (Angel-Wings)

Caladiums are a beautiful foliage plant when grown properly. Many people make the mistake of improperly planting caladium bulbs, providing inadequate light and not properly maintaining them. Caladiums can also be grown in containers and indoors with proper care. The information below will help to ensure that your Caladiums turn out beautiful for many years to come.

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Caladiums usually reach 2-4 feet in height. Caladiums come in many colors to include red on green, white on green, pink and green.

Caladiums are great for landscapes with lots of shade. They are easily burnt so shade is very important. They can be grown short-term in containers in shady places as well. They grow well indoors without direct sunlight.

In addition to being one of few full-shade thriving plants they grow rapidly. Therefore they are a quick fix for any shaded landscape as long as they are grown properly.


Caladiums do not flower but their stunning color patterns make them very attractive.


Light: Requires full to partial shade

Temperature- Days: with 70-80 degrees F. Nights: 60-65 degrees F

Water: Allow soil to dry between waterings

Caladiums grow better when humidity is 50% or higher


Care and Maintenance

When growing Caladiums from bulbs, it is very important to ensure that the caladium bulb is placed right side up. Many people fail to do so and therefore their Caladiums never grow.

Since Caladiums require high humidity it is very important to mist with water every few days when natural humidity is lower then 50%. The best method is a mist setting found on most watering nozzles. Be careful not to over water the soil. Misting the leaves often should not be confused with watering the soil. Allow the soil to dry partially in between waterings.

As with most potted plants, we are more likely to over water when we are in contact with them several times a day. Mist indoor Caladiums with a water bottle as needed. When grown indoors, plant them in a well0draining humusy indoor mix.

Reduce watering and fertilizing as the leaves die and go dormant. Repot or relocate in the winter as needed. Water well once during the winter.

New growth will start when temperatures reach 70-85 degrees F. When new growth appears resume watering and fertilizing.

If storing Caladiums tubers, allow them to dry and store at 70 degrees F.


Fertilize Caladiums at half recommended rate every 2-3 weeks during active growing seasons for peak performance.


Propagate Caladiums by tubers when dormant.

Common Pests, Problems and Diseases


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