Beautiful and Unique Containers for Candles

Shop for candles in stores and you will find countless styles and varieties. The more unique they are, the more they cost. It is not necessary to pay top dollar for candles in stylish holders. Votives and pillars can be placed in creative containers for one of a kind decor. They do not have to be poured to look phenomenal as a centerpiece, on a side table or in any location where they can be safely burned. Consider these unique and creative containers for both battery operated and traditional wax candles, and enjoy stylish new options that will cost a whole lot less.

Pretty Options for Less

Use a Pretty Teacup and Saucer

When looking for unique and creative containers for candles, consider pretty teacups and saucers. Shop for beautiful sets at flea markets, garage sales and resale shops. Place a little baking soda or sand in the bottom when planning to burn candles with flames, or use the battery operated variety to eliminate safety issues. Even if the wicks are never lit, the filled teacups and saucers will look lovely in just about any location.

Starch a Crocheted Doily Around a Basic Holder

Crocheted doilies from decades past are gorgeous table decor, but they can be used in craftier ways. Spray starch crocheted doilies around basic votive cups. When the starch dries you will be left with lacy containers for holding candles in glass votives. Battery operated varieties will not require additional containers.

Use a Pretty Sugar Bowl

Do you have a pretty sugar bowl that is not being used to store sugar? Sugar bowls make fantastic containers for candles, especially heavier varieties. As the third photo shows, use a sugar bowl to hold a candle of your choice. Candles provide a great way to showoff pretty containers that would otherwise remain in a cabinet.

Wrap an Ordinary Metal Can

Not all candleholders have to be semi-transparent. Some of the most unique varieties emit light from the top, and they are highly decorative. The fourth photo provides an example of what you can do with an ordinary metal can. Wrap it with white construction paper to create a solid background before covering it with pretty wrapping paper or wallpaper.

If you want a candle holder with illuminated holes to highlight a graphic or a design, create a punched luminary. Freeze water in a can, and use a sharp ice pick and a heavy rubber mallet to carefully create a pattern. After the holes have been made, allow the ice to thaw and dry out the can. Wrap it in pretty paper of your choice, and gently tap out the holes with the pick. It will glow beautifully with a battery operated candle or a wax and wick variety inside. In any case, it will look fantastic on a side table, a shelf or any protected location.


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