Creative Ways to Decorate a Living Room with Candy Canes

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to decorating for winter holiday parties. Some love snowflakes and another ice-cold decor, while others enjoy something vibrant and sweet. Red and white striped candy canes are an ideal theme since the color combination and design can be used in many creative and unique ways. Decorate your living room using the following three ideas for upcoming holidays, and create unique seasonal decor that is sure to impress.

Red and White Peppermint Striped Decor

Make Easy Candy Cane Throw Pillows

You can quickly turn plain red or white throw pillows into festive living room accessories with the addition of red and white fabric tape. It has an adhesive backing that makes it exceptionally versatile. It provides a temporary way to decorate a living room with candy canes or their unmistakable stripes. Neatly apply the tape across throw pillows. After the holidays are over, it will quickly come off, and without leaving behind an adhesive residue.

Decorate the Window with a Ladder of Candy Canes and a Mischievous Elf

An elf on a shelf is still one of the most popular winter holiday decorations, and it is a decoration with a purpose. As the family sleeps, the mischievous elf gets into trouble and ends up in various areas of the home. When seeking creative ways to decorate a living room with candy canes, obtain the help of a naughty little elf. Decorate a drapery rod with a ladder of candy canes. Tape the wrapped candies together in ladder formation, and place the elf on one of the red and white striped rugs. The display will look clever and incredibly cute.

Fill a Candle Tray with Wrapped Candies

Candle trays can be used to hold gorgeous living room candle displays of any theme or color scheme. When looking for creative ways to decorate the entertainment capital of your home, use candle trays and red or white flameless candles, surround the candles with wrapped mini candy canes. Not only will they add to the theme of the room, but they will also taste great. Since they are wrapped, family and guests can enjoy a sweet peppermint snack. If they are not supposed to be eaten, just blame the elf on the shelf, and be sure to throw away the empty wrappers.


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