How to Refresh the Smell of a Cedar Chest

Bring Back the Characteristic All-Natural Scent

When opening a cedar chest, the aroma of natural wood is often noticed before the contents of the chest are observed. It is a clean pleasant smell, but in time it can dissipate as the wood begins to dry. It is possible to refresh the smell of a cedar chest in a few simple steps. Try these easy methods, and bring back the classic smell of real aromatic cedar as well as a timeless method of storage. The fresh aroma will be stronger and better than ever.

Before Beginning to Refresh the Wood

When looking for ways to refresh the smell of a cedar chest, do not bother with air fresheners, essential oil, or expensive blocks or balls of real wood. These will not restore the characteristic smell of the chest. They will simply add fragrance with temporary results. Instead, use longer lasting tried and true methods to refresh the classic smell. These techniques are cheaper, work much better, and result in the restoration of the smell of all-natural cedar. They are by far the best ways to refresh and restore the natural scent.

Begin with Light Sanding to Refresh the Fragrance

The easiest and most effective way to refresh the smell of a cedar chest is with sandpaper. Use very fine textured sandpaper to sand along the grain of the wood. The natural aroma will immediately start to refresh and emerge from beneath the surface of the wood. Continue sanding all of the unfinished areas for best results. When finished, vacuum away the dust using a soft vacuum brush attachment. Close the cedar chest for several minutes, and come back to check the results. Chances are the interior of the cedar chest will smell as good as it did when it was new.

Apply Natural Oil to Refresh and Restore the Scent

If the cedar chest still does not smell as aromatic as it should, refresh it with 100% natural cedar oil. Select a product extracted from genuine aromatic eastern red cedar, and follow product label directions to achieve the best results. It should not contain added fragrance or chemical additives of any kind. This natural product is currently available for around $30.00 for an eight-ounce container, and it is well worth the price. Buy it online to obtain the lowest price, or visit a local Woodcraft store. It will refresh the smell of the chest, and you will not be disappointed with the results.


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