Ceiling Design and Decorating Ideas

Bring that ceiling out of obscurity by using these simple ceiling decorating and design ideas.

The ceiling is often overlooked when it comes to a new decorating or design project. Incorporating the ceiling as a fifth wall will pull it out of this common obscurity into a new and exciting decorating opportunity.

Clever tricks abound to bring out the best in a ceiling decorating and design project. Careful selection of color, unique wall applications and even design changes made to floors can be inverted on the ceiling to make an impressive design statement.

Ceiling Paint

Just painting the ceiling one or two shades darker than the walls will create a lovely warm and cozy ambiance in the room. Going one or two tones lighter (avoiding white) will give the room a taller appearance than it is.

Break out of that comfort zone by choosing a complementary (opposites on the color wheel) color for the wall and ceiling. Another exciting option is to pull a color out of that fabric print in the room and splash it across the ceiling for a touch of unique chic.

Though the paint is the most effortless application, several alternatives pull that overlooked ceiling into the entire room’s design scheme.

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Other Ceiling Design and Decorating Applications

    Wall Paper: Find a complementary wallpaper that works with the overall design scheme of the room. Use it to create a coffered ceiling look or ceiling medallion by finishing the area off with unifying wood trim.

    Fabric: A jacquard or jacquard Lumiere fabric stapled to the ceiling over the bed or in the formal dining room can easily create rich sophistication in a room the lacks architectural charm. In a child’s bedroom, apply a lighter-weight fabric to create a magical world of clouds, water, or Disney-type settings to encourage playtime adventures.

    Wood: For a beautifully rustic look, consider those same tongue and groove wood floor or finished plank installments for the ceiling. This creates not only a unique eye-grabbing finish to the room; it also provides extra soundproofing.

    Ceiling Tile: Though a classic tin tile is always the right choice, ceiling tile design is on the rise and if it has never been considered before, put these on your list of considerations. Style, color, and size will provide an extra dimension and visual interest to work with any design style or decorate makeover.

Implementing ceiling design and decorating ideas can be more difficult due to the perpetual need to raise the arms and head while working, but the results are nothing short of amazing. To take the risk of applying that ceiling design accent and not liking it, consider using a home design software program first to experiment with computer-generated fabrics, wallpapers, and colors using the simple to use manipulatives in the program.

Viewing that ceiling as a fifth wall becomes just as exciting as the rest of the surfaces in the room.


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