Cheap and Cute Kitchen Window Curtains

When I first envisioned the window treatments for the five large windows in the dining area of the kitchen, I knew I wanted Cafe-style curtains. Because I could not find the right fabric.

 I needed, I opted for a variation on Cafe-style curtains, and I spent under $50.

Why Cafe Curtains

The reason I wanted to install Cafe Curtains as my kitchen curtains were because I wanted a sense of privacy but did not want to block all of the light or the view. Our house is on a corner of a not-so-busy road, but we still needed curtains for privacy. Our previous place had vertical blinds.

I also wanted to use Cafe Curtains because I can see trees and sky from every window. A lot of natural light also shines into the kitchen sitting area.

The other practical reason I wanted Cafe Curtains was that I wanted curtains which I could easily slide over when the kids are outside. Originally, I was going to make Cafe Curtains with tension rods at the top and at the bottom and move the top half of the curtain down when I needed more light.

No Fabric Was a Good Thing

While I was shopping for the fabric for the curtains, the local Wal-mart closed its large fabric section. Due to move-in time constraints, I had to shop at nearby stores which might have fabric or inexpensive curtains.

I lucked out when I found a package of two linen eyelet window curtains at Ocean State Job Lot. That meant I could do the entire kitchen sitting area. I had not intended to buy a light, linen colored curtain, but it matches the dining set that was given as a move-in gift from our in-laws. This was just one example of our kitchen decor came together organically.

Tension Rods

I was also set on using tension rods in the kitchen decor and my window treatments. I was hoping to find more than basic white tension rods, and I did. Again, at Ocean State Job Lot I found bronze-colored tension rod with fluted ends. They are made of plastic on the outside, but look like they are made of more dense material.

I only needed five since the front door window had hooked an existing narrow rod.

There are five windows along the walls of the sitting area, plus another one on the front door which opens into the kitchen.

Kitchen Curtains: Modified Cafe Curtains

I modified the Cafe Curtain look to match the length of the curtains and the windows. Rather than covering the bottom half of the kitchen windows, the window treatments cover two-thirds of the window. This gives my family privacy while still allowing us to enjoy natural views from the top portion of the window.

I was happy to find a cute and practical window treatment solution that cost me under $50. It took some work and looking around at discount stores, but I can’t imagine a better look for my kitchen windows.


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