Creative Chocolate Dipped Spoons for Parties

Unique Treats for Showers, Birthdays and More

Just about everyone has sampled thick rich melted chocolate on a spoon when preparing candy and other goodies. After all, why let it go to waste? When it hardens on a spoon it is just as decadent, and it can be savored like a lollipop. Chocolate dipped spoons are my favorite edible party favor. Most people seem to love them, and they can be embellished in tasty and impressive ways that coordinate with specific celebrations.

Before Getting Started

When my daughter and I make chocolate dipped spoons, we do not use the cheap white plastic variety. They break easily, and they are undersized. I purchase sturdy plastic spoons in colors that match the embellishments on the chocolate. For example, when dipping them for Easter, I use pastel-colored spoons. They can be found in party stores, online and in other places where party supplies are sold. They do not cost much more than cheap white utensils, and the results are much more pleasing to the eyes and the palate. Simply melt chocolate of your choice in the microwave, and begin dipping, topping and wrapping the spoons in clear cellophane. Tie the tops with coordinating ribbon.

Top Them With Miniature Candy Pieces

Freshly dipped chocolate spoons can be topped with miniature candy pieces. Mini M&M;’s, Nerds, and Reese’s Pieces are all excellent choices. Shop the candy aisle of a local store before getting started. Broken bits of candy bars, shredded coconut, and finely chopped nuts are also great on chocolate-dipped spoons. Make a variety to please every preference. With the vast array of candy available, the options are endless.

Adorable Bears Under Blankets of Chocolate

You can create cute edible bears under blankets of chocolate. Begin by dipping a plastic spoon in melted chocolate. Before the chocolate hardens, top it with a graham cracker cookie bear. Coat the bear up to his armpits with another layer of chocolate. Before that layer hardens, add a light coating of tiny round sprinkles. The colorful chocolate will look like a warm and comfy quilt. These treats look almost too cute to eat.

S’mores to Go

Do you love s’mores? The basic recipe can be altered to create chocolate dipped spoons for any occasion. You will need melted milk chocolate, marshmallow fluff and graham crackers that have been broken into small pieces. Dip the spoons in the melted chocolate. After the chocolate hardens, add a small dollop of marshmallow cream. Coat the spoons in chocolate again, and top them with the broken graham cracker pieces. If desired, tiny dehydrated marshmallows that are used in hot chocolate can also be used to top the chocolate covered spoons. They will look and taste absolutely amazing.


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