4 Tips on How to Choose the Best Cotton Sheets

Use following these 4 tips for buying cotton sheets, so you can sleep better.

Look for keywords on labels

The words on the package may read, “cotton sheets,” but check out the fine print. While cotton may be the primary fabric, the sheets may also include a small amount of man-made material. Be sure to look for the words “100 percent cotton” to be certain you’re not buying a cotton blend.

Be thread-count wise

The general thinking is that a higher thread count is usually better quality than a lower one, but personal preferences can vary. Some people are happy with 250, while others must have 1,000, which will likely cost more. Instead of getting too hung up on a specific thread count, consider your budget and select the best sheets in that price range.

Read customer reviews of Cotton Sheets

Look for comments about how the sheets hold up wash after wash because some can pill, snag, or lose softness over time. Look for consistencies–and outliers–in the commentary. Are most people giving similar feedback or do their opinions vary greatly? Reading real consumer experiences and comparing their reviews and product ratings can help you make an informed purchase.

Think beyond Egyptian

While Egyptian cotton, which is made exclusively in Egypt, is known for being ultra-soft and durable, it can be pricier than other options. Fortunately, it’s not the only good cotton out there. Pima cotton, for example, is grown in the U.S. and made of long, strong fibers designed to feel luxuriously soft on your skin and stand up to wear and tear. Bonus: Try the best Egyptian sheets, and sleep better knowing that you made a smart buy.

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