Wohomen Product Review Editorial Guidelines & Mission

Our Team

We are one of you. So, we know what your needs are. We are a team of experienced writers and editors who will make your life easier, carefully handled, carefully scan the retail environment (both online and closed) with insane passion, and is also a customer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our readers make the best choice in purchasing decisions. We are among you: with the mission of being a guide in matters such as making price-performance evaluations of products, classifying product catalogs in their field according to their qualities, and providing the best savings in realizing your projects.

What We Do

Our primary goal is to research the entire product range extensively. Our authors with subject expertise in the category covered by each product prepare a suggestion list with their superior experience. When our readers decide to click on the retailer site in our articles and make a purchase, we receive an affiliate commission on some of the products we recommend, but not allRead More. We do not retire to our corner after publishing the article. We have a monster team that is always open to development, following current developments, honestly and reliably, to present its suggestions. We evaluate all the feedback you mentioned in your comments. From softeners to ceiling paints, vacuums to sprayers, and more, we follow all your needs at breathing distance.

We do not anchor a brand or retail in the products we recommend. We enjoy being free. We give priority to private brands that care about customer service to have a pleasant and safe shopping experience. We spend serious time on each of our suggestions. Please note that every product is open to feedback and revision. Some features can be improved, changed, or renewed. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the official announcements at https://www.cpsc.gov/Newsroom/, which may be related to the products you have purchased.

Our editors check the availability of all products for daily stock tracking and purchasing so that you can continue your shopping faster and more firmly and know what you want.

We are a world sensitive site. We attach importance to our content, reflecting our mass diversity. It means, as far as possible, displaying brands owned or established by people identified as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Colored) and other minority groups.

Why You Should Trust Us

All products offered by Wohomen are editorial. Our team never accepts testers or samples from brands for reviews. We do not allow brands to become managers to polish their products and manage them. To make smart purchases that can meet your needs and budget, we apply to our network of experts and testers to achieve objective and reliable results. We do not hesitate to share the good and bad aspects of each of our suggestions with you. Thus, with the rightful pride of gaining your trust, we bring you our suggestions without compromising our freedom.

Our “best” perception works differently than other sites. Rather than having a product with the most features, we are concerned with the feature of being a product that can appeal to a more target audience. Our audience is, therefore, the majority of that target audience. Thanks to our identity that values people, it took years and years of research and a wide range of equipment to find and recommend the right product. We use consumer reviews as a reference to find out what is more important to all consumers. The products we choose here are not the highest level of products with insignificant details. We aim to offer high-quality value-for-money – products that cost less for the extra features you will rarely use. We also recommend every product we recommend to ourselves and our close environment.

If readers choose to purchase the products we recommend as a result of our research, analysis, interviews, our business is usually (but not always) supported by an affiliate commission from the retailer after making a purchase. However, if our readers are not satisfied with a product after purchase or return it because the suggestion is terrible, we cannot do anything about it. There is no incentive to choose which product to recommend or choose according to the pressure of the manufacturers. Here we give the right products and suggestions; that is, we will be the one that promotes you. We believe this shows above all that our understanding of the reader and consumer-oriented service is a fair system.

Our readers’ trust in us is paramount. If this were the case, we would not be able to appeal to the conscious consumer and readers like you and to see your support.

We invite you to check our articles, indicative of time, logic, and energy spent researching, interviewing experts, and testing products. Each guide makes clear evidence of why we made this recommendation. Based on these, you can make the fairest decision yourself.

What if the thing I want isn’t on your Site?

If you cannot find a purchase recommendation for any product, you can send us an e-mail or tweet. Our team, whose readers can easily reach and enjoy taking care of their problems, will help you.