Practical Ways to Conceal Floor Vents

They Can Look Much Better

Without rerouting furnace ducts, it is not possible to completely cover or hide vents on the floor, especially when they are in the middle of a walkway or room after a partial remodel. However, it is possible to conceal them in creative and practical ways. They are ugly and can cause injuries when poorly placed, but they do not have to bring down the look or the appeal of an otherwise beautiful space. Use these creative and practical ways to conceal metal or wooden vents on the floor. You might not be able to move them, but they can look a whole lot better.

Use Stained Wood Vent Covers on Wood Floors

Floor vents that contrast with flooring draw unwanted attention. When trying to conceal them against a wood or laminate floor, opt for wooden vent covers instead of metal of any color or style. If you use white or another hue that does not blend in with the floor, all eyes will immediately be drawn to them. Buy stained wood vent covers, or stain them to match the flooring. They will not look nearly as out of place as they would if they were the same hue as the adjoining surface.

Paint the Vents to Blend in with the Flooring

If vents that match the flooring are not readily available, paint them instead of settling for something that stands out like a sore thumb. Conceal them by choosing a hue that blends in flawlessly. Prime and paint wood or metal varieties. Many paint stores are willing to match the color if a sample is made available. It takes the guesswork out of trying to conceal otherwise ugly vents that should be against the wall.

Conceal the Openings with Stylish Throw Rugs When Not in Use

When floor vents are not in use, the very best way to conceal them is with stylish throw rugs. Thick non-slip rugs are ideal. When outdoor temperatures are mild and it is not necessary to heat or cool the home, keep the floor vents fully covered and concealed. At least some of the time, no one will know they are there.


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