Creating a Flying Flower Garden

When my son was a toddler he loved butterflies which he called flying flowers. And indeed with their varied and bright colored wings they do remind one of flowers in flight. Butterflies have a way of delighting both young and old as we enjoy both the beauty and grace of these colorful insects.

With spring right around the corner and many of us making plans to create a garden to bring us beauty or sustain us this summer, why not consider planting a few plants that will help encourage those elusive butterflies to pay a visit to your yard. By planting a few simple plants you can create your own flying flower garden this summer.

Flowers With Butterfly Appeal

For those of you who enjoy raising flowers in your garden or around your deck, you can double your chances for vibrant colors by planting a few flowers that butterflies find hard to resist. Here is a partial list of Butterfly friendly flowers.

  • Yarrow Shasta Daisies
  • Hollyhock Black-eyed Susan
  • Snapdragon Zinnia
  • Milkweed Verbena
  • Asters Goldenrod
  • Sunflowers Phlox
  • Sweet peas

If you are a vegetable gardener rather than a flower gardener don’t despair. You too can attract butterflies by planting a few sunflowers on the perimeter of your garden or by planting herbs as butterflies love the flowers of most herbs.

Added Attractions

While planting a variety of flowers of herbs will draw butterflies to your yard or garden if you want them to linger you are going to need a few added attractions. First, butterflies need a water source. Since they do not drink from open water such as birdbaths they need an area of damp ground from which to draw their water from. Filling a large shallow bowl with dirt or sand and then keeping it damp will suffice for their water needs. A cut down plastic milk container that has been washed and filled with mud will work just fine.

You will also want a couple of bushes or shrubs so that your butterfly guests can get out of the rain and have a place to rest when they are tired. A couple of medium size rocks right in your garden also make great short resting spots for them while they are flitting from flower to flower.

A few well chosen flowers, a water source, and a place to rest is all you need to fill your yard with flying flowers this summer.


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