How to Create the Growing Space in Your Garden

When I hear gardeners complain about the lack of growing space in their yard – I often respond with “Oh, just grow up!” No, I’m not trying to insult their degree of maturity – I’m offering them a workable alternative. Allowing your plants to grow up trellises saves space and creates an attractive display.

How To Make A Garden Trellis Easily

Making your own trellises from inexpensive garden twine and a few hooks is easier than it looks and can be done for pennies. I found balls of garden twine at a discount store and used old screws for hooks – but you may prefer eyehooks to create a more finished product.

Simple Trellis

  1. To create straight vertical lines, place the hooks evenly spaced across the top and bottom of the wall so that the hooks are in direct line from one another.
  2. Attach the twine to the bottom left hand hook and run it straight up to the corresponding hook at the top.
  3. Loop the twine around the hook and pull taut.
  4. Run the twine to the next hook along the top border of your trellis. Wrap it around the hook and pull taut.
  5. Run the twine downward to the corresponding hook at the bottom, and repeat the wrapping and pulling procedure.
  6. Run the twine to the next hook on the bottom and repeat the process until your trellis is complete.
  7. Tie the end off securely.

You have just created a simple trellis for growing vining flowers and vegetables.

Tips: If you prefer a trellis with squares, place hooks along both sides of your trellis and repeat the same procedure for horizontal lines.

Fan trellis

A fan trellis is easier to make than it seems – but does require a slightly different technique.

  1. Screw five hooks (Hooks 1 – 5 from left to right) across the top of your trellis space, spaced 12 inches or more apart. I did this between porch railings and used the width of the opening as my guide, placing the end hooks in the corners and a hook in the center. I then placed the additional two hooks centered between the corner hooks and the center hook.
  2. Place three hooks spaced approximately 8 inches apart along the bottom with the center hook falling directly under the top center hook. (Hooks A, B and C from left to right)
  3. Secure the twine to the bottom right hand hook (Hook C) and run the twine to the top right hand hook (5).
  4. Wrap the twine around the hook and run it to the next top hook (4).
  5. Run the twine back down to the same hook (C) on the bottom of your trellis, twisting it around the hook and pulling it taut each time.
  6. Run the twine to the middle bottom hook (B) and then back up to the second hook (4) at the top.
  7. Next, run the twine to the center hook at the top (3) and back down to the center hook (B) on the bottom.
  8. Move to the third bottom hook (A) and run the twine to the middle hook (3) on the top.
  9. Run the twine to the next hook to the left (2) and then down to the last hook (A) on the bottom.
  10. Finish the fan by running the twine back up to the last hook (1) at the top and tying it off securely.

Tips: Alter the size of the fan trellis by adding additional hooks at the top and bottom. If you prefer, twine can be cut and run individually. This eliminates the visible twine along the top and bottom of your trellis – but does require more work.

So, stop complaining because you don’t have room to grow flowers and vegetables and make a decision to just grow up! You’ll be glad you did.


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