Creative Ideas for Shower and Bath Storage

Homemade Solutions that Work

Not all showers and baths are equipped with plenty of room for storing a variety of hair products, shaving materials, toys and other items that are commonly used while bathing or showering. On the contrary, many include a single shelf and narrow ledges. They barely provide enough room to hold necessary items, let alone anything else. Forget about using containers with suction cups. They eventually fail. Use these creative ideas for shower and bath storage, and use homemade options that work.

Hang Wire Baskets from a Low Mounted Shower Rod

Shower rods are good for more than just hanging pretty fabric curtains. When trying to increase waterproof storage space, mount a shower rod across the back wall. Place it up high or down low. Choose the position according to the height of those that will use it. Use waterproof hooks to hang vinyl-coated wire baskets from the rod, and fill the baskets with everything from shampoo and conditioner samples to full-size bottles. You will significantly expand the amount of space for storing bathing supplies and water toys for the kids.

Add Pockets to a Fabric Shower Curtain

A shower curtain can be used to add vertical storage. Buy a shower curtain that has pockets, or add them using coordinating fabric. Even though they are on the outside of the tub or shower, they will provide places to store extra razors and other lightweight items. It will not be necessary to leave the shower or tub and track water across the bathroom floor to reach a cabinet or drawer. The pockets can also be used to decorate the bathroom further—Tuck faux flowers or vines into unused pockets for something unique and decorative.

Outfit a Towel Bar with Colorful Plastic Bins

A towel bar is a fantastic addition to a shower or bath. Mount it on the wall just above the shower enclosure to keep it out of the way. Use it to hang colorful plastic bins that are outfitted with holes. Shower hooks are ideal hangers. Excess water will runoff, and the items inside will stay dry. Lightweight plastic storage bins can be purchased in bath stores and online, and they can be found to match just about any color scheme.


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