Creative New Ways to Use Old Wall Calendars

Unique Fridge Magnets, Wall Art and More

It seems like such a shame to throw away old wall calendars when the next year begins, especially those with fantastic photos or graphics. They do not have to be recycled or thrown out with the trash. The pictures, text and even the numbers can be used in creative new ways. You can make unique magnets for the fridge, wall art and more. Use these ideas instead of getting rid of your expired calendar and turn a decorative timetable into something fresh, exclusive and useful.

Attach the Months and Numbers to Magnets

One of the most creative ways to use old wall calendars is also the most fun. Instead of just using the photos and graphics, neatly cut out the numbers and the months of the year. Laminate the paper with clear box tape, and attach the pieces to strips of peel-and-stick magnets that have been cut to the appropriate size. Place the correct number below the current month on the fridge each day. Keep the magnetic pieces in a container near the refrigerator or on a magnetic board to make the daily update easier. If desired, individual cut out letters to create fun and inspiring words and messages as well.

Decoupage the Pictures to a Stretched Canvas

Old wall calendars that include lovely photos or graphics that are too good to throw away can be transformed into works of wall art, and you can do more than just place them under glass. Create one large artwork by using decoupage to attach the pictures to a stretched canvas. Cut around the main subjects of each page, and apply them with the style of a mural in mind. Slightly overlap the edges and completely cover the canvas, including the sides. Trim away any of the paper that extends beyond the borders. Apply decoupage medium to the front of the paper to seal the artwork. It will become part of the decorating scheme, and it can be enjoyed for years to come.

Make Gift Tags with Cardstock and Calendar Pictures

Gift tags are not cheap, especially fancy varieties that include extra embellishments. Make them using the paper and graphics from old wall calendars. Cut out sections that would make great tags and add to the details by attaching tiny buttons, fabric, glitter, or anything else desired. Just be sure to leave plenty of space for personalization. Attach them with narrow ribbon or double-sided tape. They will turn ordinary wrapped presents into something far more decorative.


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