4 Creative Ways to Decorate Bookshelves

Bookshelves are great for more than just holding and organizing books and displaying tabletop decor. Freestanding or built-in bookshelves can be embellished to create eye-catching displays. Try these easy and creative ways to decorate bookshelves, and transform them into stylish decor for the living room, bedroom, a wide hallway, and more.

Creative Ideas for Built-ins and Freestanding Shelf Units

Paint the Edges of Shelving

Color can be used to add depth and dimension to ordinary freestanding or built-in bookshelves. It also brightens a room. When looking for ways to decorate bookshelves, consider simply painting the edges. Sand, prime, and paint the edges of the shelves. Keep in mind that books and tabletop decor displayed on shelves do not have to color-coordinate. Everything does not have to match perfectly. Choose a favorite accent color in the room, and have fun adding something unique in an unexpected place.

Decorate Vertical Recesses with Color

To highlight items displayed on bookshelves, decorate vertical recesses with color. When planning to display darker items of interest, opt for a white or lighter colored backdrop. Choose black to create the illusion of endless space. Select vibrant colors for an eye-catching display. The possible color combinations and possibilities are never-ending when striving to decorate bookshelves with paint.

Decorate the Edges with Tile

Tile can also be used to decorate bookshelves in stunning new ways. Consider adding tile that will fit around the edges of shelving and the framework of the shelf unit. Simply apply ready-made tile grout according to product label directions, and apply small square tiles while filling in the spaces and sponging away the excess grout. This method to decorate basic freestanding or built-in shelving can be used in conjunction with paint to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

Decorate with Exotic Wood Banding

Wood banding can be found in Woodcraft stores, and it can be used to decorate bookshelves. Some are made of exotic woods, and these thin strips can turn a basic shelf unit into something unique and beautiful. Buy the appropriate amount of wood banding to trim shelves, and cut it with a very sharp utility knife or a small handsaw. Attach it with strong clear-drying adhesive for best results. This easy method to decorate bookshelves can also be used along with paint to create a highly unique new furnishing to enhance a room in the home or an office.


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