Creative Ways to Display Oil Lamps

Decorate with Old-Fashioned Charm

Oil lamps and candles were once necessary to light up the night, but these days they have become a decorating accessory with old-fashioned charm. They are also quite useful when the power goes out, and they are still as handy as ever. Try the following ways to display oil lamps, and enjoy these eye-catching home decorating ideas. Oil lamps can be used in stylish and practical ways, and they can bring a touch of yesteryear to the home.

Precautionary Statement

Lamp oil can present a fire hazard when not properly stored or used. Follow product label instructions on lamp oil regarding precautions and warnings. Never light oil lamps in locations where they can come in contact with anything, flammable or otherwise. Use commonsense and display oil lamps with caution in mind.

Display them on Metal Wall Hooks

When looking for ways to display oil lamps, consider using wrought iron or metal wall hooks. Make sure they are long enough to accommodate the dimensions of the oil lamps. Plant hangers work well for this purpose, and they can be painted flat black to look like genuine wrought iron. The hooks can be found in discount stores, garden supply stores, and online.

Use Empty Side Tables for Display Purposes

Side tables are great places to display oil lamps when they are not being used to hold table lamps. Display each one on a side table next to a couch or loveseat. Forget about electric table lighting, and use overhead lighting or floor lamps to add more light when required. Display old-fashioned lanterns for practical as well as creative purposes in the home, especially when decorating with old-fashioned charm.

Display them on Single Shelves

A shelf is an obvious place to display trinkets of any variety, but when trying to draw attention to oil lamps alone, opt for a small rounded shelf to display each one. Create a focal point by hanging a large work of wall art, and surround it with two single shelves just large enough to hold the lanterns. An old-fashioned painted scene such as a barn or a horse and buggy would look especially fitting when displayed with oil lamps.

Use Candle Trays for Display

Instead of using doilies or other cloth table coverings to protect a surface when displaying oil lamps, use candle trays. They are available in many different styles and colors, and they will complete the look of the display. Shop online or in stores that sell home decor and candles, and find candle trays to display your collection of oil lamps in unique new ways.


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