Creative Ways to Line Dresser Drawers

Special Paper is Not Required

Decades ago, lining dresser drawers with the special paper was a common practice. Antique dressers do not always have smooth interiors like modern varieties, and clothing can become snagged and irreparably damaged without a protective liner in place. The paper helps to prevent damage, and it is sometimes lightly scented to add fragrance to the contents therein. Some people still add specialty paper lining, even when it is not necessary. Special paper is not required. Use these creative ways to line dresser drawers, and save money over costly peel and stick vinyl or rubberized lining with a woven appearance. Other options can work just as well.

Line Dresser Drawers with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is good for more than adding color, texture and graphics to walls. It is great for lining dresser drawers. Cut it to size, and place it inside. Sticking it down is not necessary, but if it keeps rolling back up, use bits of masking tape to hold the corners in place from beneath. It will easily come off when it is time for a change. The vinyl variety will last indefinitely. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth to clean it. You will get tired of the color and pattern before it becomes too worn to use.

Use Heavy Gift Wrap

If you prefer to use paper and cannot find a variety that is specifically designed to line dresser drawers, use heavy gift wrap. It will work just as well, and it can be found in countless colors and designs that will coordinate with the style of the bedroom. Use the rolled variety instead of the folded type to avoid creases. Since it comes in longer lengths and widths than typical drawer paper, it will fit most dresser drawers. You will not have to tape it together, and it will look fantastic. As previously mentioned, use rolled bits of masking tape to hold corners in place.

Cut Freezer Paper to Size

One of the least expensive ways to line dresser drawers is with freezer paper. Colorful liners and graphics are not necessary. After all, you are more than likely the only person that will see it. Buy a roll, and measure and cut it to size. Line the dresser drawers with the shiny side facing upward. No one will know that it is freezer paper, and it will work to protect clothing and other materials from small splinters and rough wood that could cause snags.


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