Unique Ways to Decorate a Fireplace for Spring

Create a Gorgeous New Focal Point

The beauty of a fireplace does not have to end when warm weather arrives. Some of the most gorgeous hearths do not contain burning logs. On the contrary, some include harbingers of spring that will add color and life to the space. Remove partially burned logs and ashes, and prepare the firebox for something new. Use one or more of these unique and colorful ways to decorate your fireplace for spring, and create an amazing focal point that is sure to impress.

Stack Small Birch Logs over Flickering Tea Light Candles with Timers

Just because winter is over does not mean that you cannot enjoy a flickering fireplace. Tuck battery-operated tea light candles with timers in between layers of small white birch logs. White birch logs are some of the most gorgeous of all, and the arrangement will look great whether they are illuminated or not. Neatly trimmed decorative firewood can be found online. You do not have to go in search of a fallen tree to create your spring display.

Add a Woven Basket of Rattan Orbs and Faux Flower Blooms

Woven baskets are a lovely addition to a sunny spring room with a fireplace, especially if they are filled with decorative items. Fill an oval-shaped woven rattan, wicker or seagrass basket with white and cream rattan orbs. Add color and spring flair by placing faux flower blooms in between the orbs. To further enhance the arrangement, place faux variegated vines around the edges of the basket, and allow them to drape down the sides and just beyond the firebox.

Arrange Dozens of White Pillar Candles in the Firebox

Candles look amazing in an otherwise empty firebox. In celebration of spring, remove the metal rack and fill the dark void with white pillar candles of various heights. They can be lit and enjoyed, and without heating, the room like a fire would. If you still want to enjoy the sound of a crackling fire, add a few WoodWick brand jar candles to the mix. Unlike ordinary candles, they crackle as they burn. Opt for vanilla-scented WoodWick candles that will fill the room with fragrance as they burn. You will not likely miss the roaring fall and winter fires since your spring display will look and smell just as appealing.


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