10 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen for the Christmas Season

Many people fill their living rooms with Christmas decorations. They will put up their tree, set out candles, and hang stockings near the fireplace. Some will decorate their yards and the outside of their houses. Some will even decorate their bathrooms and bedrooms. However, some never think to decorate their kitchens, or if they do, they may only put out a few choice items instead of going all out. Here are a few tips on ways to decorate your kitchen for the Christmas season. Most of the items listed below can be purchased at the dollar or discount stores.


Display decorative Christmas towels on the handles of refrigerators, dishwashers, drawers and cabinets. I discourage hanging them on the oven handles because of a potential fire hazard.


Holiday throw rugs can bring a rather drab floor to life. People tend to glance down to see where they are walking, so rugs are bound to be noticed by holiday guests.

Cookie Jar

A Christmas cookie jar is just the thing for those holiday cookies, especially when the grandchildren are over.

Table Centerpiece

A Christmas centerpiece on your kitchen table is another way to decorate your kitchen. It can be anything, such as a candle centerpiece, bowl of ornaments or festive holiday flowers. Just make sure it is proportionate to the size of your table.

Potholders or Trivets

Potholders or trivets are more than just a decoration. They serve a useful purpose for those holiday meals. It never hurts to have several of these around.

Display Shelf

Most people have some form of a display shelf in their kitchen. I have one that displays my teapot collection. Consider removing the yearly items from the shelf and put out small resin Christmas figurines. You may want to do a whole theme, such as all snowmen or Santa’s. This would also be a good place for a small Nativity scene.

Kitchen Magnets

Decorate your refrigerator with Christmas magnets. Remove all the yearly ones (we all have them), and put up holiday ones to help create a festive season. I have seen ones that light up and some that play music.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are not just for the Christmas tree. If you have a chandelier, consider hanging a few from it. These can look great with a thin, colorful ribbon tied from them to the chandelier.

Chair Cushions

Decorate your kitchen chairs with holiday cushions. These are a great addition to wooden, bare chairs.

Range Burner Covers

Cover the burners on your range with Christmas covers. Today you can find these in round, square and rectangle shapes to fit any range.

Recommendation to tips above: Although it is nice to have a theme where the rugs match the towels and other items; it is also nice to mix things up, as your guests will have something different to look at with every turn they make in your kitchen. A variety of items can also promote conversation.


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