Creative Ways to Decorate a Dead Tree

Colorful Yard Decor and More

A dead tree might seem like an eyesore, but it does not have to be. If it is sturdy and free from damaging insects and rot, it can be used to add beauty to the yard in unique and creative new ways. Leaves are not required for a tree to look gorgeous. If it is solid, bug-free and does not pose a danger of any kind, it does not have to be cut down. Consider these creative ways to decorate and use a dead tree, and bring it back to life with color, wildlife and more.

Create a Colorful and Unique Work of Yard Art with Colored Chalk

Chalk is not just for sidewalks and family message boards. On the contrary, it can be used in unique and creative ways in the yard. A dead tree that was once an eyesore can be transformed into a temporary work of modern art. Decorate the trunk and the limbs with colored chalk, and feel free to use a wide variety of hues. After everything that can be reached is coated, lightly go over it with a wet paintbrush to seamlessly blend the hues. The first hard rain will wash it away, but it is a fun project for adults and kids alike, and it can be redone again and again.

Set Up a Bird Village

A dead tree might not provide much cover for birds, but it can be used to create a sanctuary. Set up a bird house village. Hang a variety of houses that will accommodate birds of various sizes and types. The limbs can also be used to hold a couple of feeders and a hanging birdbath. The birds will appreciate the dead tree just as much as they did when it was alive and filled with leaves.

Bring it Back to Life with Beautiful Trumpet Vines

A tree that is dead does not have to look lifeless and drab. It can be used as a trellis for thick foliage and beautiful blooming flowers that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Bring it back to life with trumpet vines. On the downside, they are an invasive vine, and you will have to remove new shoots from the lawn to keep them under control. On the bright side, the tree that once looked dead will look absolutely amazing after it is covered with vines and vibrant blooms.


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