Ideas for Decorating a Dining Room with Baskets

Unique Woven Wall Decor and More

Baskets are more than just storage solutions. Some are absolutely gorgeous, and they are ideal for decorating a dining room. Depending on how they are used, they can serve double duty. They can be used to hold everything from cloth napkins to off-season placemats. Use these creative ideas for decorating your dining room with baskets, and add storage with style and more.

Create a Focal Point on a Bare Wall with Basket Bowls

Shallow woven bowls are often adorned with gorgeous colors and patterns. When displayed on a horizontal surface, they are not fully visible. Unless they are going to be used as a centerpiece on the dining room table, display them on a bare wall. Create a focal point with an array of basket bowls that have been strategically positioned on the wall above a buffet or another furnishing. Shop online for shallow African basket bowls. Woven art is perfect for decorating a dining room wall.

Use a Storage Basket Cabinet Instead of a Buffet

If your dining room lacks a buffet, save money and opt for a cube-style storage unit instead. Fill the openings with baskets in a color and style of your choice. Use the top of the furnishing as a seasonal display area. Add holiday decorations, and in between special celebrations, add seasonal decor. Use the baskets to hold flatware, napkins and anything else that will fit while freeing up storage space in your linen closet and/or kitchen cabinets.

Line the Top of a Dining Room China Cabinet with Baskets

If you have a china cabinet, select a duo or trio of baskets for the top. They do not have to be the same size. Choose basketry that includes existing dining room accent hues. The blue and brown baskets are a gorgeous choice. Shop online for basketry in colors of your choice. They will provide storage with style.

Decorating with Large Baskets

Large baskets are not just for the bedroom. They can go unnoticed when placed in a private location. Beautiful basketry should be displayed in common areas of the home. Fill an empty corner with two or three large lidded baskets in graduating sizes. They can be used to hold extra tablecloths, placemats or anything else desired. They will add a touch of unique style too.


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