Creative Ways to Decorate a Landing Alcove

Spaces with Architectural Style

A landing alcove is a charming feature of a home – if it is used to the fullest potential. If it is used as nothing more than a family photo gallery, the distinctive space will be wasted on wall decor that would be make a greater impression elsewhere. The space can be used in much better ways. Even if the home is large, make the most of every unique nook and cranny. Use one of these creative ways to decorate a landing alcove, and transform it into more than just a stylish architectural feature of your home.

Add a Comfy and Stylish Seating Area

One of the best ways to decorate and furnish a landing alcove is also one of the most practical. Consider adding a comfy and stylish seating area that includes a hidden storage space. Add a cushion that coordinates with adjoining decor, walls and furnishings. Accessorize the seating area with throw pillows to make the area a comfortable place for reading and relaxing. Use the bench to hold reading material, off-season outerwear, family games or anything that needs to be tucked away.

Create Stylish and Practical Open Storage

If open storage is more appropriate in your landing alcove, mount two shelves that can be used to hold woven baskets. Install a bar of coat hooks at the proper height above the baskets. If possible, install two bars of coat hooks to accommodate kids and adults. Each person can have their own basket and hook, and it will become more than a landing alcove. It will become a landing area for the entire family. Consider creating a message center as well. Dry erase boards and cork tiles can be installed on both sides of the alcove.

Hang a Beautiful Mirror to Visually Enlarge the Alcove

An architectural nook at the top of a flight of stairs can be strictly decorative. If space does not include a window and is not as large as you would like, hang a beautiful mirror to visually expand it. Place a floating shelf a few inches below the mirror, and top it with a flameless wax pillar candle in a beautiful open globe. The soft light will be reflected by the mirror and further enhance the space in a highly stylish new way.


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