Decorating a Living Room Around a Work of Art

An outstanding work of art is worthy of more than just a prime location on a bare living room wall. Colors should become the basis for the decorating scheme. The surrounding décor can beautifully highlight and draw attention to the creation. Use these ideas for decorating a living room around a work of art and emphasize the colors and unique composition in creative new ways.

How to Highlight the Space with Color

Choose Neutral Upholstery or Slipcovers

When decorating a living room around a work of art, choose neutral upholstery or slipcovers. The largest surfaces in the living room should be indistinct rather than colorful or bold. As the photo shows, neutral walls and furnishings provide the ideal backdrop for a colorful work of art. When striving to make the work of art the focal point of the living room, consider decorating the rest of the space in comfortable but subtle ways. Well-chosen accents will bring the creation to life.

Select Four Main Hues

Choose four main hues that are found in the work of art when decorating the living room around it. The accent colors can be used as a basis for everything from plants to knickknacks. However, do not overdo the quad color scheme. A few items here and there will draw attention to the work of art. Add too much color and the plan to highlight the colorful creation will not succeed. The eyes will be drawn to multiple items, and none will stand out. Choose carefully when decorating the living room in a multicolor scheme, and it will look outstanding.

Add to the Color Scheme with Coordinating Throw Pillows

Consider decorating the living room with items that are more than just decorative. As the photo shows, throw pillows in colors from the work of art will definitely draw attention. Select four comfy throw pillows that coordinate with the four main hues in the work of art. Unless they are uniquely embellished, pillows are nothing spectacular by themselves. However, their colors will draw attention back to the painting or whatever you choose as a decorative focal point.

Choose an Area Rug that Includes the Main Hues

When decorating a living room around a work of art, or with specific hues in mind, I like to add color on all levels. Choose an area rug that includes three or four of the chosen hues. Even when looking down at the floor, the mind will make the correlation. The eyes will naturally move upward to the work of art, especially when it is placed mid-level.


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