How to Decorate a Room Using Yellow

The color yellow can invoke many things: happiness, joy, sunshine and optimism. A yellow room can make you feel warm and cozy or even super chic, depending upon the color yellow chosen as well as the various pieces of decor within the room and how they fit together. Fortunately, decorating with yellow can be an easy task once you know a few basic tips, tricks and recommendations.

What Rooms to Decorate Using Yellow

Yellow is actually a great color to use throughout the house. It is great for kitchens, as it can be a great perk-me-up during the mornings, just as it can make a living room feel inviting and make an office feel inspiration. Yellow is just a happy, lovable and extremely versatile color.

In short, yellow can be one of those colors that will work great in nearly every room of the house when done correctly. Though, some interior designers and even design do-it-yourself enthusiasts may caution against using it in a bathroom or a baby’s room, as it can become overwhelming if done incorrectly.

Tips for Decorating with Yellow

Yellow is a color that pairs well with many different colors, including, but not limited to various shades of red, blue, green, purple and even black. However, keep in mind that like with most colors, certain shades can become disastrous when mixed with yellow. Though, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you enjoy the bright lemony yellow mixed with that olive shade of brown, then go for it!

If you’re looking for a great splash of color but you still want to remain relatively neutral, yellow is still a great choice. Pale or buttery shades of yellows will actually function well as a neutral and still give you that change of color that you’re looking for.

When you’ve found that perfect shade of yellow, it’s important to determine if it is a cool shade of yellow or a warm shade of yellow. If you choose a cooler shade of yellow, then pair it with bright reds and oranges, it will look off. Therefore, in this particular instance, when using color, it’s best to pair warm shades of yellow with warm shades of other colors; and the same goes for cool shades (i.e., cool shades of yellow should be paired with cool shades of other colors.)

Lastly, always have confidence in your choices when using yellow. If you’re not absolutely 100% sure of something, then don’t do it (or use it.) It won’t look right when you’re not completely confident and completely satisfied with everything you’ve chosen. Yellow can be extremely versatile when it is used properly in home decor.


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