Unique Ways to Decorate Around Light Switches

Turn Switch Plates into Wall Art

Many people decorate ordinary light switch covers, but they do not have to be changed to look fantastic, even plain plastic or wooden varieties. Decorate around them instead. They will serve a dual purpose. With the addition of peel-and-stick decals, elaborate frames and more, they can be turned into works of unique wall art. Use these creative ways to decorate around your light switches, and transform basic plastic or wooden covers into something decorative and highly impressive.

Fun with Mario

Perler beads can be combined to create any graphic imaginable, even Mario from the ever-popular Nintendo game. After creating Mario with plastic Perler beads, mount him beneath an ordinary light switch using poster putty. It will hold the lightweight decoration securely in place. To complete the fun and whimsical design, mount a gold coin above the light switch. If desired, glue orange Perler beads in the shape of a question mark on the plate around the switch. It will look as if Mario is bumping his head on a question block to make a coin pop out. It is a fun and unique way to decorate the switches in a Nintendo collector’s game room or bedroom.

Elaborately Frame Decorative Switch Covers

Another fantastic way to decorate around light switches will also highlight them, especially those that have been beautifully enhanced. Buy a decorative frame with an opening that will fit around the switch plate. If necessary, paint or decorate it to coordinate with the colors and style of the room. The light switch will look like a framed work of art instead of just something functional and necessary.

Add a Branch and Bird Decal, Flowers or Vines

Peel-and-stick decals can be used to decorate around light switch covers. Something as simple as a branch with birds in silhouette can look phenomenal. It will appear as if the branch is growing out from behind the switch plate. Floral peel-and-stick decals would look fantastic too. When looking for unique ways to decorate around light switches, vines are also a great option. The area directly around the light switches will look far more impressive and eye-catching than they would when simply wrapping and/or decorating the covers.


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