Ideas for Decorating a Country Kitchen with a Red Countertop

Ways to Add Charm and Eye-Catching Appeal

When people think of a country kitchen, the color blue generally comes to mind. Red is also a fantastic primary hue, especially when the countertop is the color of rich tomato soup. After decades of neutral hues, red is becoming increasingly popular. It is easy to add charm and eye-catching style with baskets, exciting wall art, and more. Use these ideas for decorating a country kitchen with a red countertop and make it a welcoming room with vibrant style and appeal.

Consider Decorating a Wall with Classic Campbell’s Soup Art

I do not usually recommend decorating with art that depicts name brand products, but Campbell’s is an exception to my unwritten rule. Consider decorating a wall with classic Campbell’s soup art. It is ideal in a country kitchen with a red countertop. It lends a welcoming look and feels to space, and it combines vibrant pop art with classic country comfort and style.

Add Woven Baskets with Red Accents

When decorating a country kitchen with a red countertop, add an array of woven baskets. Decorate some of the woven baskets with crimson accents. Use acrylic paint to trim a few of the baskets, and add a small red bow or two. If the upper kitchen cabinets do not meet the ceiling, arrange the larger baskets on top of the cabinetry. Place another basket or two on the countertop. They can be used for open storage or strictly for decorating purposes.

Place a Bouquet of Faux or Real Flowers on a Countertop

Faux or real flowers can be used when decorating a country kitchen with red countertops. Select real or faux red anemone, white or creamy baby’s breath, and bright yellow daisies. Separate the blooms with small lacy fern branches. Arrange the bouquet in a white ceramic vase on the countertop. The vibrant yellow and white arrangement against the red countertop will look fantastic.

Accent the Kitchen with Country Crocks

Old implements that were once solely used for cooking and baking purposes make fantastic decorating accessories in a country kitchen. Choose white or cream-colored crockery. If the cabinets are open on top, place the crocks along the top edge. As the photo shows, a crock and stand is ideal in a kitchen with country style, especially when it is outfitted with a gorgeous red countertop.


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