4 Ideas for Decorating Framed Mirrors on a Budget

Decorative framed mirrors can be quite costly, but it is not necessary to buy embellished mirrors for decorating the home. Decorating inexpensive DIY framed mirrors are fun and easy, and the savings are tremendous. A cheap mirror can be purchased from a dollar store and embellished with decorative items such as shells, buttons, bobbles, beads, and even feathers. Consider the following easy ideas for decorating framed mirrors, and turn plain selections into impressive yet practical works of wall art or tabletop art.

Decorating Framed Mirror on a Budget

Seashells from the Seashore

She sells seashells by the seashore is an old tongue twister that comes to mind whenever I think of seashells, but it is not necessary to live on or near the seashore to find beautiful seashells that can be used for decorating. Visit almost any craft or discount store and you will find bags of gorgeous seashells that can be used for decorating. Simply purchase an inexpensive framed mirror, and make it look far more impressive by gluing on shells, either in a pattern or just around the frame. It is amazing how a few dozen shells can beautify an ordinary mirror and turn it into a unique work of fascinating and useful wall art.

Craft Feathers

Feathers used for craft purposes are great for decorating frames. Keep in mind that some feathers are illegal to possess without a permit, but feathers sold in crafts stores are ideal when decorating frames. Trim feathers if necessary, and use super glue to attach the sides of the quills to mirrors. Layer the feathers if desired, or randomly attach them to the frames. They will add color and texture to ordinary framed mirrors while adding interest and appeal.

Stylish Buttons are Ideal for Framed Mirrors

Fabric stores and the sewing section of discount stores are not the only places to find decorative buttons. Craft stores sell buttons in numerous themes, sizes, and colors, and flat varieties are perfect for decorating framed mirrors. Create patterns or designs, or randomly attach an array of colorful coordinating buttons. Be sure to use buttons of varying sizes to create visual appeal, and do not be afraid to try something new. Buttons are ideal for decorating mirrors using abstract designs, and framed mirrors decorated with colorful buttons go well in rooms with contemporary flair.

Glitzy Faux Gems

Eye-catching faux gems and jewels can be used when decorating mirrors. Some flat-back varieties include peel and stick adhesive, but gems and jewels of all shapes and sizes can be attached to most surfaces using super glue. Glitzy framed mirrors are ideal for decorating a girl’s bedroom or powder room, and they make decorating fun and easier than ever. Why pay upwards of $20 for jeweled decorating accessories when they can be made for a fraction of the cost of store-bought varieties?

Countless other craft accessories can be used when decorating framed mirrors. Dig into your craft containers and come up with additional ideas for decorating mirrors. Unlike framed mirrors sold in stores, decorating plain framed mirrors provides countless options for color-coordinating and matching existing room décor. Simple mirrors sold for less than $5 can look far more expensive than they really are, and decorating the frames with craft supplies and other finds ensure they will be completely original and extraordinary.


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