4 Easy Decorating Ideas with Pompoms

Pompoms are good for more than just scarves and craft kits for kids. They can be used to beautifully decorate the home in a number of creative new ways, and they do not have to look cheap, retro or tacky. Pompoms can be quite stylish, especially homemade varieties. Given the countless variety of available colors and many different types of yarn, the possibilities are endless. Use these creative ways to decorate with pompoms, and embellish ordinary throw pillows, plain paper or fabric lampshades and more.

Throw Pillows, Lampshades and More

Decorate Throw Pillows in Unique New Ways

Pompoms can be used to beautifully decorate basic throw pillows. Buy or design the puffs of yarn according to the color or colors of the fabric. Consider striped or variegated pompoms with solid throw pillows, and opt for solid pompoms with multicolored throws. Stitch them to the corners or around the edges using color coordinating thread. If the throw pillows are tufted, decorate the depressions for a unique new look.

Trim and Decorate a Bedspread

A basic bedspread can be transformed into a spectacular bed covering with pompoms. Create or buy them in a color or a combination of colors that match the spread. Attach them to the side edges equal distances apart. They can be right next to each other or spaced out several inches. Either way, they will add color and form to an otherwise ordinary bedspread. Decorate throw pillows with pompoms that match the spread for a stylish designer look with contemporary flair.

Decorate the Edges of Window Valances

Use pompoms to decorate window treatments as well. Trim window valances with a row or two of pompoms in accent colors that are found elsewhere in the room. They will draw the eyes toward the windows and the dressings that they hold. Pompoms that dot more than just the edge of window treatments are unique. They are far different than the fringed varieties of the ’60s and ’70s. Rickrack or other lacy edging is not required.

Trim a Plain Fabric or Paper Lampshade

When seeking creative ways to decorate a room with puffs of colored yarn, consider trimming a plain fabric or paper lampshade. Once again, the embellishments do not have to hang from rickrack or other edging. They can be attached directly to the shade. Use a glue gun and hot glue to attach pompoms of your choice. Place them around the bottom edge, or cover the entire shade with evenly spaced puffs of colored yarn. Be sure to keep them away from the light source since they can burn. Decorate the outside of the shade while avoiding the inner edges. The pompoms will decorate the room in a fun and spunky new way.


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