Creative Ways to Decorate Indoors with Wooden Shutters

Practical and Decorative Uses

Wooden shutters are typically used outdoors to beautifully frame windows. They are usually nothing more than decorative frames with slats. Since they are not hinged and would not cover the glass if they could close, they are only for aesthetic purposes. They can also be used indoors, and in a number of practical as well as decorative ways. Do not get rid of all of your old wooden shutters, and do not pass up a solid pair at a local flea market or garage sale. You will love these useful ways to decorate indoors with outdoor window embellishments.

Create Decorative Mail and Greeting Card Holders

Mount thin wood or cardboard backings on wooden shutters and they can be used as handy and decorative mail holders. Attach hangers to the top corners. Hang a shutter for holding bills in a home office or in another handy location, and fill each slot according to when the statements are due. Use the other decorative mail holder for displaying greeting cards all year long.

Make a Unique and Handy Table Runner

Not all table runners are made of fabric. Some of the most unique and stylish varieties are made from old wooden shutters. After cleaning the wood, place one or two end to end in the center of the dining table. An ordinary fabric runner can be place beneath the wood to prevent scratches. Use the unique table runner as a display place for a pretty centerpiece, or use it to hold serving dishes. The wooden shutters will decorate the table in a unique and stylish way, and it will protect the surface from hot bowls, plates and pans.

Enhance a Framed Wall Mirror

Framed wall mirrors can be a fantastic addition to an entryway, a hallway, a living room, a bathroom or a bedroom. Basic framed mirrors can be beautifully enhanced with additional wall hangings including wooden shutters and wrought iron decor. If necessary, paint two wooden shutters to coordinate with the frame of the mirror. Top the three-piece wall hanging with a half-circle wrought ironwork of art. The mirror will look like a window with a gorgeous topper. When strategically placed, mirrors with shutters can make a room look larger than ever, especially when they reflect and multiply sources of natural light.


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