Creative Ways to Decorate a Living Room with Maps

Paper maps are more than just manual resources for finding specific locations. They are worth saving to decorate a living room and other appropriate areas of the home, especially old or visually interesting varieties that go beyond the freebies from rest stops and offices of tourism. They can be used when decorating a space in a travel theme in a number of eye-catching and impressive new ways. Use these creative ways to decorate a living room with maps, and stylishly add to the travel theme of the space. The living room does not have to be plastered with pages from outdated atlases. Use these ideas to add tremendous style and amazing world flair.

Frame Interesting Maps Under Glass

Less is more when decorating in any theme, and maps are no exception to the unwritten rule. Decorate with a few maps themed items including wall art and tabletop décor. Begin by framing an interesting map behind glass, or display multiple framed maps in a grouping. Add color and appeal by surrounding each one with a cardboard matte frame before placing them under glass. Choose a living room accent color, or accentuate a hue from the maps.

Wrap Sturdy Decorative Boxes with Fabric or Paper

Decorative boxes with flip tops can be found in discount home décor stores as well as online. When looking for creative ways to decorate a living room with maps, cover a set of decorative boxes with map material. Use fabric or paper to neatly wrap the boxes as you would wrap special gifts. Simply tape the neatly folded edges in place. Stack the boxes in graduating sizes on a living room table. They can be used for lightweight storage.

Update and Decorate Living Room Ceiling Fan Blades

A map theme can be implemented in a living room in other very creative ways, and maps can be used on every level. Consider using scrap maps to update and decorate living room ceiling fan blades. Remove one blade to use as a stencil, and trace around it with a pencil. Neatly cut out the shapes, and attach the maps to the blades using spray-on adhesive. Unlike liquid glue, it will not cause the maps to shrivel. Protect the paper from dust and grime in the air by topping it with a decoupage medium.

These are just a few of the many creative ways to decorate a living room with maps. Single-sided maps can be used to cover and decorate fabric and paper lampshades. They can also be used to decorate coasters. Simply cover plain varieties with cutouts from maps, and coat them with polyurethane to create a waterproof surface. Delve into your creative side, and decorate your living room in unique new ways using maps and related décor.


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