Unique Ways to Decorate Painted Birdhouses

Creative Perches, Whimsical Decor and More

Painted birdhouses can be used for decorative purposes indoors, or they can be used to provide housing for wild birds. Either way, they do not have to look like typical varieties. With the addition of unique hardware and unexpected embellishments, they can look amazing. Buy basic birdhouses, and paint and decorate each one in unique new ways. Whether you decide to give them away, keep them for personal use or sell them at flea markets or other craft venues, they will be a huge hit. In any case, they will be unlike anything found in stores.

Decorate a Painted Birdhouse with House Numbers

Every house should be numbered, and birdhouses are no exception. When seeking unusual ways to decorate your painted birdhouses, add house numbers of your choice. It might be two or three lucky numbers or something with meaning. They will make otherwise ordinary houses for wild birds look quirky and distinctive. No one else will have one quite like yours.

Add Small Vintage Doorknobs and Hinges

Do you have a collection of small vintage doorknobs and hinges but do not know how or where to use them? Decorate your painted birdhouses using a variety of vintage hardware. Small doorknobs make fantastic perches. Randomly attach other items of choice. You cannot make a mistake when using vintage hardware to decorate your birdhouses in unique new ways.

Decorate the Houses with Old Pet Tags and Interesting Key Rings

Old metal tags that were once worn by pets can be used to add whimsy to painted birdhouses, especially if the tags were worn by cats. Simply nail them into place. Interesting keyrings are also ideal. Add a roofing nail, and use it to hang a stylish old keyring. It might look like a hodgepodge, but it will be a hodgepodge with whimsical style.

Add Hooks, Handles and Small Name Plate Frames

Empty nameplate frames, hooks and handles are also fantastic additions to painted birdhouses. Even clock hands can be attached to decorate painted birdhouses in fun, imaginative and unique new ways. Securely attach anything that you want to add to the exclusive design of each piece. Birds will perch on the hooks, doorknobs and other protrusions. The other items are solely for decorative purposes, but they will make your painted birdhouses far more unique and visually appealing.


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