3 Creative Ways to Decorate Solar Yard Lights

Add Color with Glass Pebbles, Faux Flower Petals and More

Solar yard lights do not differ much from one style to the next, especially basic plastic varieties. The globes vary a little, but for the most part, they all look the same. You can turn an ordinary set into stunning luminaries that look far more expensive and visually appealing.

Instead of searching for one-of-a-kind options and spending a lot of money, use these unique and creative ways to decorate them. They will beautifully enhance a walkway, flowerbed or any other desired location.

Add Color and Unique Style with Flat Glass Marbles

Flat glass marbles are eye-catching, durable and highly versatile embellishments, and they can be used to decorate plain plastic solar yard lights in unique and colorful ways.

Select translucent glass pebbles in colors of your choice, and attach them to the clear glass or plastic fixtures using adhesive.

They will beautifully glow when illuminated, and they will still brighten the edges of sidewalks, decks, landscape beds and other ground-level areas.

Attach Beach Glass

If your property is decorated in a coastal theme, consider using beach glass to decorate basic plastic solar yard lights.


Use E6000 adhesive to attach bits of colorful beach glass. If you cannot find enough along the ocean shore, buy it from a local craft store. Attach a single color, or use a trio of gorgeous hues.

When the lights come on as the sun goes down, the colorful glass bits will seem to magically glow. Your DIY fixtures will look better than crackled glass options that are available in stores.

Create Gorgeous Illuminated Faux Flowers

Solar flowers are very expensive, especially when buying more than just one or two, and they look nothing like real blooms.


Basic solar-powered plastic yard lights can be transformed into gorgeous lighted faux flowers. Buy faux blooms in varieties of your choice, and remove the petals and foliage. Spray the fabric parts with clear acrylic spray to protect them from moisture. After they dry, layer them around plain solar yard lights. Permanently attach them using E6000 adhesive. Finish by wrapping the posts with green duct tape while securing the foliage.

The centers will glow at night, and the blooms will add color and unique style to the landscape during daylight hours.


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