Ideas for Decorating Upper Cabinets in a Spice Kitchen

Stylish Decor, Extra Storage and More

A spice kitchen is a must in many homes. Although it is a secondary room for storing and preparing particularly pungent spices and greasy foods, it should be just as stylish as the heart of the home. Upper cabinets that do not meet the ceiling are ideal for decorating with themed items, gorgeous woven baskets and more. Use these ideas for decorating the tops of cabinets in a spice kitchen, and add upper decor that will beautifully highlight the space in creative new ways.

Decorate with Vintage Spice Grinders

Upper kitchen cabinets that offer several inches of vertical space are the perfect place to display vintage spice grinders. Search online as well as at flea markets and antique stores, and choose them very carefully. Wait until something catches your eye before adding it to the collection. They are available in many different sizes, styles and colors, and since they go with the spice theme, they are ideal for decorating a spice kitchen. Those that are still functional might even come in handy.

Display Clear Jars Containing Layered Legumes and Dried Peppers

Consider filling clear glass-lidded jars with a variety of legumes when decorating upper cabinets in your spice kitchen. Fill others with various types of dried peppers. Layer the legumes to create colorful stripes. If desired, run a wooden skewer down the insides of the jars to create waves and other designs. For best results, create designs while filling the jars instead of waiting until they are completely full.

Add a Variety of Woven Baskets

Woven baskets are a gorgeous addition to a spice kitchen, and if space allows, they can be displayed on upper cabinets. Add a wide variety of baskets that are large enough to see from below. Choose those with colorful additions that coordinate with the room. Select some with lids and any others that happen to catch your eye. In addition to beautifying the space, they can be used to increase storage space. The baskets can be used to hold everything from seldom used kitchen tools to extra spices in sealed packages.

Decorate Upper Cabinets with Colorful Pottery

If you want to add color to your spice kitchen, consider decorating upper cabinets with pottery. Select painted and glazed pieces of your choice. Choose pitchers, crocks and other eye-catching items that will fit the space. Place smaller items on top of wooden blocks or books to increase their height and visibility. They can also be used for storing items that are not used on a regular basis while adding beauty to your spice kitchen and the second heart of your home.


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