4 Ways to Decorate Walls With Ceiling Medallions

Create Textured DIY Art, Mirrors and More

Ceiling medallions are typically used to surround ceiling lights and fans. They add a decorative touch to otherwise ordinary fixtures, and they beautifully conceal color and design flaws when new pieces are smaller than previous ones. However, they are good for more than just ceilings. Consider these creative ways to decorate walls with ceiling medallions, and transform ornate architectural molding into something truly unique and absolutely stunning.

Cover a Single Wall with an Array of Painted Medallions

Ceiling medallions in an array of sizes and styles can be used to create impressive works of wall art. Prime and paint them in various shades of the same color for a striking display. Evenly space them across an entire wall, or create a windswept formation. If you want to give a bare wall unique texture and architectural appeal, paint the medallions to match. They will look amazing either way.

Create a Gorgeous Framed Mirror

If you would like to decorate with a unique framed mirror, consider making one using a ceiling medallion. Remove the center of the piece, and attach a round mirror of the appropriate size. Permanently attach it using Gorilla brand glue or another high-quality adhesive. If desired, trim the details with flat glass marbles, small seashells or bits of beach glass. Your finished mirror will be far more unique and impressive than anything from a store.

Make a Unique Wreath for a Wall

Ceiling medallions make phenomenal wreaths. Remove the center before priming and painting the piece. Make it solid in color, or emphasize the details with a variety of hues. Create a hanger by tying the ends of a length of ribbon and threading it through the center and around the top. If desired, tack on a matching bow.

Add a Painted Wooden Letter in the Center

You can create personalized wall art using ceiling medallions. Prime and paint them in colors of your choice, and paint wooden letters in a contrasting hue. Glue a single letter in the center of each one. You can use the wall hangings to spell out a word, a name or initials. Center the handcrafted work(s) of art in the center of a bare wall or near the peak of a cathedral ceiling. You will have exactly what you want, and for considerably less than personalized store-bought decor.

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