6 Tips for Decorating with the Color Black

Black is a bold color, especially when it comes to using it in your home decor. While there are some places where black might fit in naturally (like oh say, cherry cabinetry with black granite countertops) using it in some areas of the home can take some work. Fortunately, the color black can add a touch of modern elegance to any room when used properly. Here are a few tips and tricks for decorating with the color black.

Keep it Simple

Black can be overpowering if too much is injected into a room, (though this rule does not apply to every situation.) Consider using just a few touches of black in the room, such as a few throw pillows or side tables. Avoid using too many large pieces of black furniture, as they can be overpowering and too in-your-face. A black sofa is one thing, but a black sofa paired with two black side tables, a black coffee table and two black accent chairs will look overdone.

Weather it Up

Black furniture can be harsh, but it can be easy to tone down (but only if you’re willing.) Weathering down a piece of black furniture is generally easy, as you’re simulating the appearance of normal wear and tear. Take a piece of extremely fine-grit sandpaper and sand lightly across some corners and edges, maybe even slightly across the top or sides. Just don’t go overboard.

Go for Pairs

When decorating with black, consider pairing it with another bold color. This could be lime green, bright blue or a firetruck red. By pairing the two together, it will look less out of place and more importantly, it will be less overwhelming.

Choose a “Fail-Safe” Scheme

Red, black and white is a color scheme that can’t go wrong. If you want to use black, but you’re afraid of pairing it with the wrong colors or something something else that will diminish the appearance of the room, then choose a fail-safe scheme. Other fail-safe color schemes include black and white, yellow and black or pink and black.

Stick to the Walls

While I’m not recommending you paint your entire room black (not that it hasn’t been done,) consider purchasing several different pieces of black and white art for your room. Pictures such as black and white silhouettes of pets, people, flowers and so forth, can all add that desired touch.

Think Outside the Box

Another great tip is to use black in an unexpected place. Perhaps it’s your stairway railing, or maybe you’ve painted the interior of your bookcase black (it will really make your items pop.) Whatever it may be, think outside the box. Black is no different than any other color (well, except for it’s color,) so don’t be afraid to use it in different ways.


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