Ceiling Medallions: Unique Wall Decor Ideas

Ceiling medallions are designed to surround, highlight and enhance light fixtures. They can make an ordinary light much fancier and far more stylish. However, they can be used to decorate a home in many more ways. They do not have to be paired with light fixtures to look fantastic. They can add architectural style and beauty to walls, doors, tables and more. They are ready-made works of detailed art that have numerous uses. I have used ceiling medallions in my home as well as client’s homes, and no one was able to identify what they were after they were used in a unique new way.

Enhance a Pedestal Style Table

Do you have a small pedestal style side table with a plain base? It can be turned into something much more elaborate with the addition of a ceiling medallion. Paint or stain it to match the table. Remove the base, and put it back together with the new addition in place. Attach it using construction grade adhesive. The real base beneath will be hidden by the decorative accent.

Create a Very Interesting Focal Wall

Imagine a single wall covered with circles that have different textures and designs. When painted the same color as the wall, they appear to be one with the surface. The look is amazing. Attach the ceiling medallions with adhesive caulking of the appropriate variety. Prime the wall and the connected decor according to primer label directions. Paint the surfaces from one end to the next. The wall will appear to be artfully crafted, and it will look unlike anything that even the finest drywall craftsman could create.

Design a Gorgeous Textured Wreath

Wreaths come in all shapes and sizes, and some of the most beautiful of all are highly detailed and made from ceiling medallions. Prime and paint the medallion in the color or colors of your choice. Consider going over the high spots with silver, gold or another hue. After the paint dries, loop a wide ribbon through the center and around the top. Finish it with a bow, and hang it on a door or a wall. If hanging it on a wall, it can be easily turned into a framed mirror. All it takes is a mirror of the appropriate size. Securely attach it behind the medallion for something truly different, stylish and useful.


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