How to Decorate Using Feng Shui Color

Implementing Feng Shui colors into your home to improve the energy is still quite popular. Due to the development in our economy and other factors that are making life hard for more people than ever before, practicing the Chinese method of bringing the laws of heaven and earth together to create a positive balance in our surroundings can’t be detrimental. You probably already have enough items in your home to decorate and arrange properly to reap the benefits of a Feng Shui home. I have compiled some tips to help you choose the right colors in order to reach a sense of harmony in your home.

First you need to understand what the colors represent and also what combination works for what you are trying to accomplish. There are five elements that Feng Shui colors come from which are Water (the element of North), Fire (South), Earth (Northeast and Southwest), Wood (East and Southeast) and Metal (West and Northwest). If you stick to using the colors correctly as to the location of your home you can achieve Feng Shui very easily.

There are the Yin colors which promote healing and relaxation. For example, the color blue (water) is calm and soothing as it creates a sense of peace and harmony. Black (water) puts more emphasis on careers when you combine it with metal, which could explain why we see so many offices decorated in these colors. It is also the color of power and protection. Purple (fire), though not used as much as other colors, is associated with spiritual awareness. Lastly there is white (metal) which represents confidence and purity (like we didn’t know the purity thing). Using a combination of white with gold or silver can help to generate a calm atmosphere. The colors of green (wood) and pink (fire) also fall under Yin.

We then have the Yang colors which are brown (wood), red (fire), yellow (fire), orange (fire) and also contains some of the purple shades. Obviously the color red represents energy, excitement and passion. Yellow is similar in its influence and promotes friendliness and warmth. If you’re having trouble concentrating then you may want to try orange to help get your organizational skills honed and get your creative Chi (life-force) flowing.

Now let’s discuss what ways you can use the Yin and Yang colors to get the results you desire. You want to use red sparingly so as to not make your surroundings tense and leaving you restless. Using a small amount of red in your bedroom can increase the energy of arousal and who couldn’t use some more of that. Just be careful not to use too much so I would recommend a few small red accessories as opposed to painting a wall red or hanging red curtains. That would just be too much for the bedroom, but can be used more freely in the living room or kitchen. This is the perfect color to use in the South portion of your home with governs fame and reputation. Since red can be very intense, you may want to go with orange instead in the living room, kitchen or play rooms as it promotes playful energy. This color also works well like red in the South and Southwest part of your home, the Southwest governing Love and Marriage. It’s known that therapists also use orange to reduce depression, pain and can also aide with disorders such as alcoholism, gout and constipation. If you happen to have your own little retreat within your home where you possibly meditate or do yoga, then you would want to have some purple which is linked to healing. A very popular combination is brown and blue and which I plan to get done in my own living room. At this time I have basically a brown accented living room with rich red pillows and nothing is going right. I’m hoping the change from red to blue will create a more positive flow around me. The reason for combining these two colors is that brown is a wood element and blue is a water element. This would mean one element is nourishing the growth of the other, so hopefully I’ll have some more peace to come.

There are several other colors and combinations that can be used to create the right atmosphere for what you are seeking in your life. Since this can be very confusing, not to mention the fact that none of it will work unless you can find the heart of your home, you may want to purchase a little helper that I found very useful. Available at Barnes & Noble is Instant Feng Shui for the Home by Mary Lambert which includes a compass to help you locate your Ba-Gua, which is the eight areas (the directions listed earlier with the elements) of your home and a complete color guide. I hope you all achieve the serenity you’re looking for.


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