How to Decorate Wooden Letters for Walls

Wooden letters that spell out names, initials and sayings are some of the latest and greatest forms of wall décor. As a part time professional crafts person and designer, I believe that they are more than just a passing fad. People have been using them to decorate walls and doors for decades, but in the past they were mostly just painted. The possibilities for colors, designs and textures are limitless.

I have been coming up with unique ways to decorate wooden letters for walls for the past few weeks. Some of my clients want unique new ways to decorate their homes, and handmade works of art are the answer. I created a few examples to show interested clients, and I have drawn others on paper. Feel free to use my ideas to decorate wooden letters for the walls in your home. Absolutely anyone can create unique wall art that will beautifully embellish walls, doors and more.

Create Alphabetic Works of Art

Decorate Painted Wooden Letters with New Pennies

I recently discovered a great way to decorate wooden letters for walls. While visiting my sister, I noticed something new and very eye catching in her home office. She painted large wooden initials with light brown paint. After the paint dried she attached shiny new pennies using a hot glue gun. The wooden letters looked spectacular, and it was an idea that I had to borrow. I plan on using pennies to decorate wooden letters for a client’s home office. He is an investment banker, and he loved the idea.

Use Faux Flower Heads, Paint and Elegant Paper Curls

One of my favorite ways to decorate wooden letters is with acrylic craft paint, faux flower heads and paper curls. Imagine wooden letters in a color of your choice that has been beautifully decorated with floral designs and fine details. Attach a few well-chosen faux flower heads that match the paint color. To complete the design, create elegant paper curls by cutting and tightly winding craft paper around a pencil. When the paper is removed, the curls will remain. Glue them to the sides of the wooden letters in areas where they will look the best. Paper curls and blooms will decorate the wooden letters with unique and eye-catching dimensional details. The set that I designed for my bedroom wall looks fantastic.

Cover Them with Magazine Pages and Decoupage

The easiest way to decorate wooden letters is also one of the most unique. Find colorful pictures in magazines, and trace around them with a pencil. Cut out the designs, and attach them to wooden letters using decoupage medium. They will look highly unique and interesting. No one will guess that you used paper from magazines to decorate the letters in unique and stylish new ways, especially if the designs are somewhat obscure.


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