Fun Ways to Decorate Your Yard for a Fourth of July Party

Add Festive Flair to Your Celebration

Countless people host a yearly Fourth of July party for family and friends, and they want to add to the festivities with eye-catching decorations. Typical store-bought embellishments include whimsical Uncle Sam dolls, strings of red, white, and blue lights, and patriotic plaques. Other options are much more impressive for an outdoor celebration. Use these fun new ways to decorate a yard for your next Fourth of July party, and set up a festive outdoor atmosphere in addition to providing delicious grilled food and ice-cold beverages.

Decorate the Yard With Large Spray-Painted or White Flour Stars

Lawn decorations in honor of the Fourth of July are great for an outdoor party, and they can be made with big star stencils and either spray paint or white flour. Make or buy large star stencils and red, white, or blue spray paint or a bag of ordinary white flour. Place the stencil on the grass, and start making big Fourth of July stars. The flour stars will be very short-lived, and they can be easily brushed away. The spray-painted variety will not cause any harm. The designs will grow out with the grass and disappear the first or second time it is mowed.

Line the Driveway or Patio With Easy Mason Jar Luminaries

You can make easy Fourth of July luminaries that can be used to decorate the perimeter of a driveway, sidewalk, or patio, and without having to worry about candle flames. Begin by applying squares of art-quality red, white, and blue tissue paper squares to the inside of Mason jars using decoupage medium. It will dry clear, and when flickering battery-operated candles are added, they will shine brilliantly. Not only will they beautifully decorate the yard for your outdoor party, but they will also provide just enough light to see outdoors after the sun goes down.

Hang Red, White, and Blue Lighted Spheres

If you are going to buy something ready-made to decorate your yard for an outdoor Fourth of July party, forget about strings of ordinary red, white, and blue lights — buy lighted spheres instead. If possible, hang them from lower tree limbs for something unique and impressive. Otherwise, hang them from deck rails or from the eaves of the house. They will light up the night with a festive glow, and they will look just as amazing as the aforementioned yard decorations in honor of the Fourth of July.


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