Ideas for Decorating a Bathroom with Denim

Whether you desire a Cowboy Chic design or something a little softer, denim makes a great addition to any bathroom decor style. Here are a few ideas for decorating a bathroom with denim and how to do so quite inexpensively.

Denim Shower Curtain

A denim shower curtain makes a great addition to many bathroom spaces. These can be easily purchased at home goods stores or large scale retailers. If you are really feeling thrifty, however, consider making your own. Cut six inch or larger squares from various denim jeans, jackets, pants, shirts, or whatever you have around. (Thrift store finds are also work great for this step.) Sew the squares together and create holes for the shower curtain hooks using loops of fabric. Hang in the bathroom space, as desired.

Denim Waste Basket and Other Accessories

Another great way for adding denim touches to your bathroom space is by decorating wastebaskets and other accessories. For one idea on how to create a denim wastebasket, check out this article on creating a Recycled Jeans Waste Basket. This principle can also be added to a toothbrush holder, storage containers, and more.

Decoupage Denim Cabinetry

If you are really wild about denim, consider sprucing up your current cabinetry with recycled jeans! Remove any existing paint or stain from the cabinet with a bit of thinner. Then, sand the entire cabinet using medium-grit sandpaper sheets. Use a tack cloth or other style of soft cloth to remove any debris or dust caused by the sanding process. Prime and paint in a color of your choice. Cut out pieces of denim in strips, squares, lettering, shapes, or whatever design you wish from recycled clothing. Apply a generous amount of decoupage medium to the back of the design, adhere to the painted cabinet, and dry completely.

Denim Towels

Cut small strips of denim to create one-inch “bands”. Adhere the strips to the bottom of the towels with no-sew fabric adhesive, following the directions on the package and using an iron. This is especially great for hand towels for guests and more.

Denim Embellished Storage Baskets

Every great bathroom space needs storage. By adding a few strips of torn denim to the handle or base of a wicker basket, you can add high style with little effort. A few craft stores even sell denim style ribbon, which works just as well with the same desired finished product.


  1. These are some awesome ideas! Thank you for compiling all of these tips into an article. I love the information you’ve taken the time to share. I am always looking for new blogs to follow and I am definitely looking forward to reading more content from you!


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