Best Open Storage Ideas for a Dining Room

Stylish Budget Options for Storing Dishes and More

A home can never have too much room for storage, and a dining room is usually greatly lacking organizational space unless it includes a closet, a hutch, or a buffet with cabinets and drawers. In any case, expensive furnishings or built-ins are not required. Use these budget ideas for open storage in a dining room, and find space to stylishly store dishware, linens, and more. It can open up areas in the kitchen that can be used to store other items.

Use Cube Style Shelving in a Dining Room

Freestanding cube-style shelving is ideal in a dining room with a traditional or eclectic style. The shelves can be used for open storage. Plates, bowls, glasses, and décor can fill the cubicles. For open storage that is somewhat concealed, fill the cubes with matching woven baskets or bins. They will look fantastic while serving a valuable purpose.

Place a Sofa Table Against a Bare Wall

I needed extra storage space in my dining room, but I did not want to use an open cube style shelving. It would not have matched the style of my dining table or nearby furnishings. Instead, I moved my sofa table from the living room into the dining room. The table was wrought iron with a slate tile top. I placed it against a bare dining room wall. I used the top for holiday and seasonal displays, and I used the shelf beneath to hold pretty woven baskets. I used the baskets for open storage, and they worked exceptionally well. They held napkins, extra flatware, plastic cups, and lots of miscellaneous items that I did not want to store in my linen closet or kitchen.

Repurpose a Dresser in a Creative New Way

Do you have an extra dresser than can be repurposed to the dining room? Before deciding that it would look out of place, consider how it would look without the mirror. Some simply give the impression of being sideboards with drawers. Use the top for open storage. If desired, add baskets to keep things openly contained, or use it to display a beautiful set of dishes. Use the drawers to hold dining room tablecloths, seasonal placemats, and more.

Open dining room storage is a fantastic solution when lacking space in the kitchen. Find an option that best suits the style of your dining room, and give yourself additional places for storing all sorts of things. The right storage solution can make a dining room for more functional, and without spending a small fortune in the process.


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