DIY Concrete Flooring

Installing your own flooring can be a big job, especially when you are putting in concrete floors. When doing it yourself, you want to know the easiest way to get your flooring done and at the best price available. Part of doing a job yourself is learning to not only be independent but to save you some money. Whether it’s for your garage floor or any other place you want to do the job right.

The best thing you could do before attempting the job on your own is to talk to a professional who has installed concrete flooring. While not all of them are going to be willing to spend time with you, you will eventually find one that will be happy to contribute their take on your project and give you tips on how to finish it without a hitch. Even the staff at Home Depot or Lowes might have some good information.

The first step to installing a new concrete floor is to remove the old one first, especially if it’s uneven. A level is a great tool to use to ensure that the surface you want to build on is flat, so the best tool to use is a level or laser level. Then it’s important that you layer sand and rock to provide yourself a base before putting the flooring down. You will want to use a tamper to go over it and make sure it’s flat.

Pouring and smoothing the cement are the last steps in installing a concrete floor on your own. Using the right tools will ensure that your floor comes out right or uneven. Going over the cement with a metal trowel will ensure that it’s flat and smooth and ready to be set for good. The worst mistake that you can make when installing your floor is allowing parts of it to remain untouched or uneven.

Those who like their cement floor to be stained will still have some more steps left in their cement flooring to make sure it gets done properly. Many of the manufacturers that sell the materials to you for the flooring will also send you videos along that show you how to do complete the job every step of the way. Staining cement flooring takes patience, so using a DVD or video would be helpful.

There are several types and colors of stains available for you to choose from for your flooring. There are environmentally safe stains available as well as acid based stains. Diluting your stain is important as well as knowing what safety measures to take to protect yourself from fumes and chemicals during the process. Staining a concrete floor can give you a beautiful, colorful and clean surface.

Concrete flooring overall will help you keep your home free of the allergens and dust mites that plague the allergies of many people and pets. Stained concrete floors also enable you to clean your floors with less work and provide you with more enjoyment!


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