Easy and Beautiful DIY Floral Boxes for Birthday Gifts

The container that holds a gift can become more than just a wrap. It can become part of the present, especially if it can be reused or displayed. Beautiful DIY floral boxes are ideal for holding birthday gifts for those who love flowers, and they are incredibly easy to make. The results are just as impressive as store-bought papered boxes with lids. When carefully covered and beautifully embellished, they can be even more gorgeous. Use these simple directions and consider a few optional additions. You can create impressive presents for less.

Gorgeous Presents for Less

Necessary Supplies

For an easy and beautiful DIY floral box for holding birthday gifts, you will need a heavy shoebox with a flip-top lid, a pencil, a pair of sharp utility scissors, heavy floral wrapping paper, spray adhesive and a round peel-and-stick Velcro brand fastener. You will also need a pair of scissors for cutting paper, a piece of felt that will be large enough to line the DIY floral box and a round plastic lid that can serve as a stencil for making a perfectly curved flap.

DIY Floral Box Procedure

Begin by centering the plastic lid on the flap of the box. Trace around it with a pencil. Create the curved flat by cutting the lid with the sharp utility scissors.

Next, lay out a sheet of floral wrapping paper that is large enough to cover the box completely. Spray the bottom of the box with adhesive and stick it into place. Wrap the sides without sticking the paper in place. Create the folds and cut it to size. After achieving the perfect fit, spray the sides of the box with adhesive and smooth the paper down. It is not necessary to trim the edges since they will be covered by felt during the last step.

After the sides are completely and permanently covered with floral wrapping paper, cover the lid and the flap. Cut the paper to size and create a perfect fit before gluing it into place using the spray-on adhesive. Attach a Velcro brand closure to the inside flap and the corresponding piece to the outside of the box to hold it closed after adding birthday gifts.

Lastly, line the inside of the box with a piece of felt that coordinates with the color of the floral paper. Cut the sides, ends and bottom to size, and stick it in place with spray-on adhesive. The felt will give it a finished look and a soft interior for safely holding birthday gifts of your choice.


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