DIY Medicine Cabinet Ideas

Creative Furnishings and Decor for Less

Medicine cabinets complete with shelves and mirrors are not cheap, especially unique and sturdy varieties. Even the cheapest options begin at around one hundred dollars. Who says that you have to use something from a home decor store? The most stylish and impressive choices are DIY creations, and they are ideal for those on a decorating budget and for anyone who wants something truly unique. Consider these ideas for a do-it-yourself cabinet, and come up with something that no one else has.

Use a Vintage Suitcase

A medicine cabinet does not have to be made of metal or wood. It is the function and style of furnishing that matters, and some of the most practical pieces are also the most decorative and unique. Line the back and the sides of a sturdy vintage suitcase with pegboard. Paint the pegboard a color of your choice along with wooden plank shelving. Permanently attach it to the interior of the suitcase with construction adhesive. The shelves can be placed on adjustable metal pegs. Attach a mirror to the front of the lid, and securely mount the suitcase to the wall. Your DIY cabinetry will be highly unique, and it will work just as well as costlier wooden or metal alternatives.

Outfit a Wall-Mounted Curio Cabinet with a Door Mirror

You might not be able to use a wall-mounted curio cabinet in the living room, dining room or bedroom, but it could work exceptionally well in a bathroom. Replace flat panels of glass with mirrors, and paint curved glass with reflective spray paint. If desired, paint the wooden parts in a color that coordinates with existing bathroom hues, and update the knobs with something more appropriate for the space. Your DIY storage unit will make a phenomenal medicine chest.

Attach a Framed Mirror to a Basic Shelf Unit

Paintings and other works of art are not the only items that can be framed. A mirror can be placed in a frame of your choice, and it can be collectively used to create a DIY wall-mounted chest. Simply attach hinges to a basic shelf unit of the appropriate size. A magnetic catch can also be added to keep the door closed when not in use. Whether the frame is gilded and unique or as basic as the shelf unit, your DIY medicine cabinet will serve a practical, decorative and highly useful purpose.


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