Door Knocker Traditions – Front Door Tips

Door knockers have been in use since doors first put up on dwellings. Going well beyond announcing visitors, a door knocker is charged with guarding and blessing the home. Through the centuries, different cultures and myths have emerged in traditions. So which door knocker is right for you? In short–what should your front door be saying?

Chinese Door knocker Traditions

Asian door knockers are guardians at the gate and spell-casters. Indeed, ancient oriental cultures held that a door knocker’s first duty was to guard the dwelling. Chi Lin door knockers from China are guardians of the energy of the home from evil spirits and natural disasters. The Fu Lion doorknocker is reminiscent of the statues that once stood guard before magnificent palaces, to cast off evil spells while a Chinese fish is a symbol of good luck, health, and wealth; a blessing on the home.

Fantasy Door knocker Traditions

Fantasy door knockers are not new. Dragons, gargoyles, and mythological creatures have ornament doors for centuries. Door knockers that bring legends and myths to life cast a magical feel on the dwelling within. Those that are made with pewter or metal have a loud sound that makes a doorbell redundant. In general, fantasy door knockers fall into two groups, the benevolent and the sinister. So which are you? A witch or a fairy? A snake or a Griffin?

Animal Traditions

Many animals have become symbols of protection. For American Indians, the bear is the protector of the family and a rescuer in times of need. A bear door knocker embodies this legend, welcoming visitors with strength and kindness. German knockers, on the other hand, are often of dogs, symbolizing man’s best friend and the qualities of loyalty and protection. For cat lovers, an Egyptian doorknocker presents a defied cat as the guardian of the home. While for Indians’s the elephant is the ideal doorknocker, with its long trunk and blessings of good fortune and success.

Whatever door knocker strikes your fancy, adding a touch of tradition to your front door imparts a special character to it and perhaps a few blessings as well.


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