Dried Lavender Ideas & How to Dry Lavender

Lavender may be viewed as an outdated flower, but there’s nothing outdated about the soothing effect the fragrance of lavender provides. The purple flower is easy to grow in home gardens for summer beauty and fragrance and just as easy to dry and make sachets for fragrance year-round.

How to Dry Lavender

The fragrance is at it’s peak just before the purple flowers reach full bloom, that is when you’ll want to cut them for drying. Snip individual flower stalks right at the point where the leaves and stalk meet.

Lay the stalks out in bunches of six (any more than six and the flowers won’t dry well) and gather together at the cut stem end. Secure the bunch tightly by wrapping a rubber band around the ends of the stems.

Hang them in a warm, dry area away from direct sunlight. The flowers will be dry and ready for use in one to three weeks, depending on the humidity of the hanging location.

Dried lavender flowers can be used immediately or stored in an airtight container and used at a later date. Dried lavender retains it’s scent for up to one year.

How to Make Dried Lavender No-Sew Sachets


Start this no-sew craft project by removing the dried lavender from stems. Place one bunch (still held together with the rubber band) in a small pillowcase and lay the case on a hard, flat surface. Use a rolling pin and roll over the pillowcase a few times to separate the dried flowers from their stems. Remove stripped stems from a pillowcase, add another bunch of dried lavender and repeat until all flowers have been harvested.

Cut 4 inch by 4 inch fabric squares, two for every sachet you wish to make. Lay one fabric square on a flat surface, pattern side up. Apply a thin line of fabric glue to three outer edges of the square. Place a second fabric square on top of the first one, pattern side down (pattern sides together) and press firmly. Allow glue to dry.

Turn the fabric pouch right side out and fill with lavender flowers from the pillow case. Turn the raw edges of the open fabric end under and glue end closed. Glue a ribbon bow on the lavender sachet if desired. Your dried lavender no-sew sachet is now ready to use in drawers, closets’ or any other place fragrance is desired. My secret use is to place a lavender sachet in the back seat of my vehicle to help keep grandkids (and me) calm while traveling.

Decorative Fun with Dried Lavender

Lots of fun and decorative projects can be done with dried lavender. Dried lavender is not only pretty, but it gives off a soothing scent. The smell of lavender has long been used to ease tension and relieve depression.

Dried lavender doesn’t have to be purchased; it can be created at home. The traditional method for drying flowers is to secure the stems of freshly cut blooms and hang them upside down in a cool, dark area.

If you don’t have time to wait, this process can be speeded up by placing pans of flowers in a 200 degree (Fahrenheit) oven for several hours. Warning, this may change the color.

If you’re crammed for time, you can use the microwave. Most craft store sell desiccant, a material that can help dry flowers in the microwave. However, cheap cat litter, paper towels, paper bags, or towels can also be used. You will have to do some experimenting on how long the lavender needs to “cook” as the wattage and settings of a microwave varies.

Now that you have your dried lavender, it’s time to have some fun with it. Lavender is pretty enough to be displayed on its own. If you want something a little bit nicer, you can try one of these projects. Both projects can be completed in less than fifteen minutes.

Ribboned Wands


Ribboned wands of lavender can be used as place-setting decoration, handed out as favors, placed in a jar or basket, or be hung in closets and bathrooms. For this project, you need dried lavender stalks with flower heads. Plan on using about 20 for each wand you create. However, you can create larger wands if you desire. You will also need floral wire and ribbon.

Arrange about twenty stems of dried lavender in your hand until they are in a nice bouquet. Then, wrap floral wire tightly around the stems. Cover the wire by weaving ribbon around the stems. Tie the ribbon in a bow at the base of the stems.

Holiday Lavender Holders

Holiday lavender holders look great when hung from the fireplace or used as place-setting decoration. They are quick and easy to make. Use ribbon to form a hanger by attaching each end to one side of the doily with glue. Tie and attach two small bows to disguise where the ribbon is glued to the doily.

Next, position the gold tissue paper inside the doily. Be sure to tuck the edges down inside the holder. Use an additional ribbon to attach a large bow to the front of the hanger. Secure the bow in place with hot glue. Fill the holder with lavender and cedar and you’re done.


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