The Top 6 Drought-Tolerant Plants

Drought tolerant plants are those that do not require as much water as conventional plantings. They will easily survive long periods without any water; in fact, many drought-tolerant plants grow better without heavy watering. These plants can still look fantastic and cost very little if any to maintain. The best drought-tolerant plants to plant are those that require little if any watering; this list will show you the many drought-tolerant plants and their care.

Black-Eyed Susan

This stout and simple to grow flower not only looks fantastic with its bright yellow flowers with a brown center, but they also are naturally pest and animal resistant. Expect 2-4 inch flower blooms in the late summer. Plant in early summer-late spring for drought-tolerant beauties.


This southern-blooming wildflower is as drought tolerant as any. Growing wild along many roadsides in the southeast of America, this yellow blooming beauty closely resembles the brown-eyed Susan except for the size is much smaller.


This funny little cluster of flowers comes in a wide variety of colors from basic orange-yellow to red, blue, and white. This gorgeous drought tolerant lovely grows about 4-6′ high in bushes in nearly any soil conditions. Butterflies love this flower and it is widely used in butterfly gardens across the world.


Another clustering flower like the lantana, this purple, the white, and beige flowering bush is fairly drought tolerant. It can stand extreme heat without wilting and keeps in bloom from late spring into the summer.


This plant is one that will grow anywhere. In fact, if you ever want to get rid of it, you’ll have a tough time. This hardy yet pretty pink, white, red, and violet-colored flowers are very hardy and drought tolerant and come in a wide variety of species.


This tough and hardy violet blooming, sweet smelling plant grows in the western half of the United States. Once considered a weed, this colorful flower feeds a variety of wildlife from tiny insects to huge moose.


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