Easter Colors – What are the Meanings of Easter Colors?

When we want to examine different housing design colors, we often come across color suggestions that can be categorized under Easter colors. These color suggestions can often host themes that will combine traditional and modern structures. Easter colors carry the enthusiasm of Easter, which is linked to Jesus Christ and is a very precious holiday for Christianity. On this holiday, colorfully painted eggs, different basket designs used, Easter bunny options and much more combine with these intimate and warm colors. In this way, an extremely cheerful atmosphere is created during the holiday. Many people use the easter color palette in home decoration both in order to create a special aesthetic theme and to maintain an important tradition.

The Easter color palette contains red, white, violet, green and shades of these colors. Easter pastel colors alternatives include light shades of these colors, as well as dark shades. For all those who plan a relaxing or maximal design at home, there are excellent alternatives in the easter color palette.


What Is The History Behind Easter Colors?

The colors we mentioned above actually come from the easter egg colors tradition. Eggs painted in these colors are distributed to neighbors in a certain period of each year. So, what is the history of this tradition? Perhaps it is necessary to talk about this in order to add a real spirit to the decoration. These colors, which the Catholic church continues to use today, were determined within the framework of the religious symbolism of colors. In a content written by Pope Innocent III, detailed explanations about the spirit of colors are included. Since then, the colors used on Easter have never changed. Today, these colors continue to be used in many areas, especially in home decoration.

What are the Main Colors of Easter?

It is possible to say that it has a very wide range of colors of the Easter palette. These colors inspire projects prepared for cosmetic purposes as well as home decoration. Many searches in the category of Easter nail colors reveal that these colors are actually used in many decorative points. So, what are the most used colors in the category of Easter colors 2020? If you wish, let’s take a look together.



White has the same meaning in almost all cultures: purity. The white color, which indicates a completely pure and innocent being, also represents the soul of the faithful individual. On Easter, which is related to religious values, the importance of white color is extremely important. This color, which is also considered in the category of Easter pastel colors, expresses happiness, joy, and splendor at the same time. But it is only possible with white to provide the expression of all these emotions in the purest, plain and unpretentious way.

You can use the white color on your easter table. White walls or white paintings placed on darker colored walls can also look very aesthetic. With white artificial flowers or natural flowers, you can also create aesthetic and intimate environments in your home or terrace.



As it is known, with the end of the Easter holiday, many priests wear green clothes. The green color means resurrection at this point. You can use the green color for decoration purposes especially on terraces and balconies.



Everyone knows what the red color means: the blood of Jesus. Jesus’ blood is also associated with red wine. Therefore, you can choose a tone with a lighter shade as well as a dark red shade. Both options will be enough for you to live the Easter spirit in your home. If you always want to keep the holy spirit in your home, you can use this color in maximal decoration styles instead of using it in detail. You can use the red color to paint the walls in the rooms of your home. It is also possible to use the red color in flowers, pillows, sitting groups or small coffee tables.



Violet color, unlike all other colors, can represent both sadness and spring joy at the same time. All this actually represents a very important religious history. As you know, in the past, Jesus Christ was trapped in a desert for approximately 40 days. One of the important colors that represent this memory is of violet color. The fact that the violet color represents a romantic sadness actually gives this color a soothing effect. Using this color in your bathroom, children’s room or kitchen can create extremely calm and peaceful areas. Do not forget to use these different colors in small details. For example, it may be a logical idea to use it in small trinkets in your living room. Creating small spaces dominated by the violet color can also create a thematic look.



The pink color is always a harbinger of love, love, and happiness. We can recommend using this color especially in children’s rooms or bedrooms. It will also be possible to say that the pink color fits perfectly with especially silvery and shining decorative products.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Easter Colors?

The main easter colors can be listed as White, red, violet, green, pink. Easter colors can be any shade of the basic colors listed above. For example, other shades of purple, as well as violet color, can be called easter color.

What Colors Do You Wear on Easter?

In order to have a thematic image in the Easter period, you can combine the colors such as white, violet, gray, pink, red so that they are very harmonious with each other.

What Colors Represent Easter?

Remember which colors you painted the eggs during the Easter period. Red and pink colors are the most common colors in eggs. If you want to make a temporary decoration for your home during the Easter period, you can choose these colors.

How To Color Easter Eggs?

If you want to distribute eggs to your loved ones during the Easter period, you can easily color the eggs with different watercolors.


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